This Nosy Neighbor Didn't Expect This After Scolding ! LOL

Neighbor Scolds Girl For Smoking, Is Very Mistaken About Her "Cigar"

posted by Dave Basner - 19 hours ago

Like many of us, Sarah Holder enjoys an occasional taquito, and not just in her home - sometimes she brings the tasty Mexican meal with her in her car. However, when a neighbor spotted her enjoying the rolled taco, he thought it was something else and reported it to his wife, who then texted Sarah.

The neighbor explained how Sarah was seen smoking a "cigar of some sort" and reminded her there are children nearby who should be sheltered from those kind of "habits."

Sarah responded with a photo of herself about to pop the last piece of a taquito in her mouth, and promised the neighbor that she doesn't have any bad habits. 

Remember kids, don't taquito and drive.

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