Police warn if you turn this light off, it's an invitation to be robbed...

Police Are Now Warning If You Turn This Light Off It’s An Invitation To Be Robbed

posted by Alex Siordian - 13 hours ago

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Crimes against women have been a major problem with our society, however, we have some good news. 

Police have offered up some great tips on safety that many of us would have NEVER thought about, but they will ensure your safety. 

Below are just some of those tips from AWM

1. Never rest your purse in the front part of a grocery cart!

2. Park near the cart rack in the parking lot. Customers taking & returning carts, deters criminals from approaching.

3. Lower your side view mirrors so they are facing the ground. This can capture a criminal sneaking up on a car.

4. Keep your outside lights on at night. Criminals love to lurk around in the dark.

5. Windows should always be locked and blinds should always be closed. 

6. Change the pattern of your light system. Criminals will watch your house night after night in order to determine which light goes off last. Try to change up the pattern. 

7. When opening your front door, be sure to keep a safe distance away, so that the criminal cannot knock you out with the door frame.

Source: AWM

Photo: Video18

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