Utah Man Runs Marathon In All 50 States W/Prosthetic Leg!

If this isn't inspirational, I don't know what is! Utah resident Tim Hurst now has now successfully completed a marathon in FIFTY states- something he never thought was possible. At 21, he lost his left leg in a motorcycle accident. "I still wanted to run a marathon, even though I knew it was impossible. I still had a dream," he said. 

(Watch his interview video above!)

When Tim first started trying to run, his prosthetic leg was wooden and he couldn’t even make it a mile. Over time, technology advanced, and he eventually ran 3-5 miles a week, and then 7 miles a day. In 2010, he completed the Salt Lake City Marathon. After that, he heard about the '50 States Marathon Club', where you have to complete a marathon in every state to be a member. Naively, he set out for the goal- and JUST completed it!

"Anyone can do anything they want to if they just believe in themselves," he said.

WOW. As someone who's training for her first Century Ride (100 miles) in Lake Tahoe this June- and someone who complains about it EVERY week- all I can say is I am INCREDIBLY humbled by Tim's story. What an amazing man- I wish I could hug him!!

- Sandy (@SandyStec on FB, IG and Twitter)

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