Want youthful glowing skin but you're on a budget... We got you!

Women's Health Magazine has four simple steps to healthy, glowing skin: 

Put in quality time with your pillow - Before you shell out big bucks for a pricey eye cream, try getting more sleep. Women who are sleep deprived are at higher risk for fine lines and sagging skin because your skin recovers faster from stressors like sun damage and dryness while you’re asleep. And sleep on your back when you can to keep pressure off your face.

Choose skin-friendly food - We all want that J-Lo glow, and eating foods high in Omega-3s can help us get it because they fight inflammation and keep skin moisturized. And you’re not going to want to hear this, but sugar triggers inflammation, so try to limit your intake to 25 grams of sugar a day and don’t drink more than one cocktail a day to avoid those fine lines and wrinkles.

Clean that cell phone - You need more than a tissue to get that grime off your phone. Wipe it down every day with a microfiber cloth to get all the bacteria, germs, sweat, and makeup off to help your skin stay breakout-free.

Upgrade your sunglasses - Wearing the wrong sunglasses can lead to crow’s feet around the eyes, so invest in a pair that block 100% of both UVA and UVB rays. And those damaging rays can penetrate through clouds, so wear your sunnies even in when it’s not sunny. (Article Credit: Kristen Dold)

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