Principal Will Pay Students $100 To Stay Off Screens This Summer

Could you go eleven days without looking at ANY screens? A principal in Washington D.C. issued the challenge to her students and is willing to pay them $100 if they can pull it off! Here's how it works:

Every Tuesday this summer, they have to avoid EVERY screen. No phones, computers, video games, or TV. Two adult witnesses will need to confirm that they went screen-free.

If they can make it happen, she will pay them $100 out of her own pocket! 160 students are eligible so she COULD be out $16,000 but she bets no more than fifty students will even try.  

"I have become increasingly uncomfortable with the ubiquity of the phones in their lives. I don't like when teachers bribe their students but I do think they need help with this particular relationship."

I think this is amazing especially considering that educators don't get paid much at all.  Both of my parents were teachers and you would be SHOCKED at the number of teachers that pay for stuff out of their own pocket!

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