Woman sits next to FEET on her flight home... Worse nightmare ever.

Jessie Char who was coming back home to SF from Long Beach, CA was happy to see that the two seats next to her were empty (we all dream about that) but then things took a turn for the worse. A passenger sitting behind her put her sockless and shoeless feet on the armrests! YUCK! Really? Worse nightmare ever! 

"A few minutes in, I heard one of the armrests fall down. I looked over, figuring the hinge was loose. At that moment I noticed a foot emerge, followed by another foot on the other side," she continued. "The toes were in full wiggle." Char explained. 

Char said she couldn't believe that someone would do that... When she thought this is as bad as it could get... it got even more horrifying.

She explained on her twitter...

"While I was logging onto the airplane Wi-Fi, I saw the left foot stretch over to open the window, and then close it again"...

"I looked to the front and back for the nearest flight attendant and caught someone's eye, but by the time she reached me the feet discreetly retracted back into the abyss of row 6."

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