Group Of Women Get Revenge On A Guy Who Booked SIX Dates In ONE Night!

This has to be the most bizarre first date story ever.  

A woman in Washington DC was sitting at a restaurant bar waiting for a blind date that her friends set her up with. 45 minutes into their date ANOTHER woman showed up to meet the same man.  Not wanting to make it weird, the first woman pretended to be the guy's friend.  He got up to use the restroom and as soon as the guy was out of sight, she filled the second woman in on the situation.  At this point, a THIRD woman shows up to meet the SAME GUY!! It snowballs from there as a FOURTH woman gets in the mix.  Long story short, they all become friends, ditch the bro, have dinner at another bar, and stick him with the bill (I guess the staff was in on it too). While they are having dinner together, they find out that a FIFTH woman coming to meet him and one of them goes to intercept her along with a SIXTH who has just shown up.

I'm exhausted.

The dude finally realizes that he wasn't going to win this one and just leaves.

The whole story is AMAZING and you can follow the twitter thread here: 

LOVING this pic too!

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