Things to do if you feel a cold coming on...

With the weather changing people are getting sick but there are ways to kill the virus before it hits you too hard or maybe at all... Here are some things to do if you feel like you are getting sick, Do you have any home remedies that you swear by? 

1. Take a HOT shower before bed: It actually helps you sleep better and it can help kill the virus before it forms.  It helps clear the nasal passages. 

2. Gargle with salt water: According to The American Journal of Preventive Medicine in 2005 that reported a “40 percent decrease in upper respiratory tract infections”.

3. Get to bed EARLY: More sleep will help curve the cold

4. Stay hydrated: water is life and the more you drink the better you will feel!

5. Make sure you are eating enough and 'good for you' food: Have you ever heard of "feeding your cold", well it's true, even if you aren't hungry you have to eat! It will help!

6. Take apple cider vinegar: It tastes horrible (some like it) but people swear by this stuff.   It helps to clean out the system, can ease an upset stomach, and it also contains LOTS vitamins and minerals.

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