Sandy Visits Memorial For Vegas Victims...

So, I was in Vegas over the weekend. I go to Vegas several times a year because it's my "happy" place. But this trip was different. I was scared to go. Once I got there, an alarm went off in my hotel and I was TERRIFIED there was a shooter. I also felt compelled to visit the memorial set up for the victims of the recent attack. I'm glad I went. VERY emotional. So many of us just walked in silence, weeping. The text below is what I wrote just after I went.....

"So, I’m in Vegas this weekend. I planned this trip months ago, long before the fires happened in the North Bay and certainly before the terror attack. And as a woman who loves to share her life, and speak vulnerably from her heart, I must admit I’ve been confused and hesitant to share ANYTHING lately. Mainly I don’t want to come across insensitive. People are losing their homes, their loved ones, their own lives...I don’t even know if I feel right “having a good time.”

But where is the line? Where is the line between being informed and doing as much as you physically can, and living your own life as “normal” as possible?

I don’t know, and I’m struggling with this. Guilt, paranoia, and in general, just feeling hesitant to share.

So am I having a good time here? Yes. Was I scared to come here? Yes. (An alarm went off in my hotel yesterday and I was TERRIFIED there was a shooter) Did I get drunk yesterday and see Britney Spears? Yes. But what was the most meaningful to me was visiting the memorial of those that lost their lives 2 weeks ago. Photos are below. I’ve been to Vegas a bajillion Times and have never had an experience that put things into perspective like this. We are so lucky to be alive...just alive and experiencing life. Some people don’t even get that chance. May their souls Rest In Peace.

Thank you for reading,


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