SF averages 1 car break in EVERY 17 minutes! It's gotten worse!

In San Francisco, a car is being broken into every 17 minutes.  In the past year, the number of auto-break ins increased by nearly 25 percent!

According to FOX2 News, "Crime statistics show that in 2017, about 30,000 people had their cars broken into. If you compare that number to 2012, it's more than double the amount in 2012, when there were only around 13,000 break-ins."   To read the full article CLICK HERE

Have you ever had your car broken into while in SF? If so, how many times?  I have had my car broken into over 10 times at least over the past several years.  I lived downtown SOMA area for three years and every time I returned to my car I expected to see broken glass everywhere. It used to happen a lot to me on Saturday nights and of course Sunday, most of the window replacement companies were closed. 

-Producer Jenna 

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