Sandy Gets Microbladed! Before-And-After Pics Here!

So, I've heard about microblading. It's kind of all the rage right now. And as it turns out, I'm just over my entire face. I'm not kidding you. I want false eye-lashes. Whiter teeth. Smoother skin. And prettier brows. friend's daughter just opened a boutique called "Sav's Browtique" and I thought this was the PERFECT way for me to try it out!

The entire session lasted about 3 hours. Did it hurt? No. You get numbed and you feel a few scratches that are a *smidgen* uncomfortable, but it's literally for a second. The before-and-after's for me are what did it. I am SUPER HAPPY with the results! Check my pics below. Ladies, have you tried this? Thoughts?

- Sandy (@SandyStec on FB, IG and Twitter)