"Coco" Inspired By Sebastopol Boot Shop Owner!!

Michael Carnacci is arguably the best boot maker in the Bay in addition to, by all accounts, being quite the character.  In 2015, Pixar sent a recon team to research his shop for an upcoming film. They ended up putting certain things from his shop (including him) into a two-minute segment in the movie.  Which is amazing for him, being a huge Pixar fan. 

FROM ABC 7: "I've been animated! Hah! As if I'm not animated enough already!" Carnacchi laughs with his Benjamin Franklin style spectacles halfway down his nose.

Since Coco just won, lets hope he keeps his promise to design a pair of Coco-inspired boots!

From ABC 7: Carnacchi says if "Coco" does indeed win for best picture, he'll make a custom pair of "Coco" boots, complete with a gold glittering Oscar statue stitched right into the leather.

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