Should I Send A Passive-Aggressive Note To My Neighbors?!

So I've been talking about my new apartment the last couple far everything is "fine" but I can HEAR my neighbors above me walking, and talking! It probably wouldn't bother me that much but EVERY night before I go to bed, they're talking and I hear it. It's like they're in my room with me and it BOTHERS ME SO MUCH. One of my friends said I should leave a note on their door that says, "Please stop talking so loudly, I can't sleep!" I think this is the WORST idea I've ever heard, as I don't want to start a dispute or be rude. Any suggestions?

Meanwhile, click HERE to see some HILARIOUS notes people have left their neighbors! Passive-aggressive behavior at it's finest!!! 

- Sandy (@SandyStec on FB, IG and Twitter) 

                                                           Photo Credit: Getty Images

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