Sonoma County Local Wins $10M Off Scratcher At North Bay Gas Station

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Imagine going into a gas station to purchase a drink and leaving $10M richer! Amazing right?! Ronald Lopez went in to the 76 off Arnold Drive in Sonoma, got his drink and then decided to randomly purchase a $30 Dazzler Scratcher... He figured "why not try it out?" After he scratched and saw the "$10,000,000" in bold numbers and "TENMIL" in all caps he had to take a double look! "I took a couple of glances," Lopez said. "I didn't really believe it. I was in tears."  He wants to stay out of the media and declined taking a photo.  I don't blame him! He plans to retire with his new found wealth! 

Read the press release HERE

How often do you play the lotto or scratchers? 

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