Daily Bite: The Last Margarita Recipe You'll Ever Need...

We were talking this morning on "Marcus and Sandy" about foods that have a ton of sugar in them.  Margaritas came up and EVERYBODY still loves them.  I wanted to repost a recipe I found that changed my life. Here you go!

I struggled with making the perfect margarita for a long time. What mix do I use? How much tequila? Blended or on-the-rocks? How can a drink so simple become so complicated so quickly?

Then I watched a friend of mine knock out a half-dozen of the tastiest margaritas I've ever had in the dirt parking lot at Shoreline before a concert. 

No blender.

No mix.

4 ingredients.

You're welcome.



2 oz tequila (pick your fav)

1 oz lime juice

1/2 oz agave nectar

1/2 oz water


1. Mix agave nectar and water in a small cup

2. Mix tequila, agave/water mixture and lime juice in a shaker filled with ice.

3. Pour over fresh ice into new glass.