Will Smith is Bungee Jumping From a Helicopter For His Birthday Today!

Today is Will Smith's 50th Birthday! He's not only an accomplished actor and artist, Will is also one the THE BEST follows on Instagram. Since joining the social media platform less than a year ago while on The Ellen Show, Will Smith has kept us all entertained with his parodies of his son Jaden's "ICON" song, the #InMyFeelingChallenge and more. 

Everyday on Instagram we can scroll through to find something else hilarious and/or semi-crazy from Will. This week was no different as he started to tease "The Jump" for his Birthday. 

After all of these tease videos, the day is finally here...Will Smith's 50th Birthday! He will be going LIVE with the bungee jump out of a helicopter over the Grand Canyon today at 3pm PT. Here's another tease as he makes his way to the jump...

We can't wait for this later today! 

Check back with us right here at 3pm to watch it all happen live below!

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