Listener Who Caused Accident On I-80 In Richmond Writes Us An Apology...

We wanted to share a very powerful Facebook message we received yesterday from one of our listeners. She caused the accident on 1-80 in Richmond Monday morning at Carlson Boulevard that injured a police officer and she is WRECKED about it.  

Thank you for your honesty, thank you for staying at the scene, thank you for the message.  

"Dear Marcus and Sandy, as the other party involved in the motorcycle cop accident on 80 in Richmond yesterday morning (i'd like to stay anonymous please) i wanted to write a sincere apology to all the people who were affected by the incident.  Not least of all my deep sorrow and best wishes for speedy healing to the officer involved:  i have utmost respect for law enforcement, think it must be one of the most stressful jobs there is and they are generally heroes in my eyes. i am a motorcycle rider myself and haven't been on my own bike since my husband got knocked off of HIS by someone in an SUV last June.  One of my greatest riding fears is someone pulling in front of me and me crashing into them and i was on the other end of that experience yesterday.  I don't know that i'll ever get on my own bike again, i might have all the proof i need that bad things happen to good people no matter how careful or attentive we think we are.  I write as a caution to everyone as no amount of minutes saved on the road is worth risking safety for, it's a dangerous place to be these days and made crazier by people with little regard for public safety.  I've always been full of that regard myself and now am full of remorse and regret, as well, for participating in someone getting harmed. Exercising understanding and tolorance on the road is something i do and i also remember that sometimes I myself am the idiot on the road - this goes for all of us.  Take care of yourselves and each other,  Bay Area people, we're all in this together. Big love to all xoxo"


Photo Credit: Getty Images

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