Shelarious – An All-Female Laugh Fest

The first annual SOLD OUT SheLarious - An All Female Laugh Fest starring Gina Brillon, Michelle Buteau, Jacqueline Novak & our very own Sandy Stec, was a huge success! The laughs were endless and we were so excited to see our listeners enjoy the show!

Jacqueline Novak opened the show and had everyone laughing as she described her perfect man and her need for someone with a "strong appetite." She also gave a few tips for the ladies on how to not look pregnant - some, though a little unconventional, may be quite effective! To top it all off, did we mention that she calls her breasts "sex potatoes"?

Next up, Michelle Buteau took the stage and went all in on the crowd! We we mean she went in, she went in! She called out everyone who came in late, made a few Harry Potter references,... we couldn't make this up! 

"You're late? Were you working on an algorithm for a new app you're working on?"

It was an overall laugh fest when she talked about her pet peeves! Especially, how she judges people who are in their 40's & 50's!

She ended her set with an important message:

"All we have is each other. It's very important that we come out and have a laugh. It's important to support woman and believe women."

Sandy Stec is no stranger to the lime light! Not only does she co-host the Star 101.3 Morning Show with Marcus, but she also has a passion for stand up comedy and making people laugh! She talked about getting mistaken as Britney Spears, her experiences living and working in San Francisco, as well as her struggle talking to men! 

"I want a man who will look at me face down, buttercream frosting, no utensils and say 'That's my girl'"

Sandy also talked briefly about her crazy Las Vegas stories (hitting the buffet line) and more! She absolutely killed it and we're so proud of her!

Gina Brillon came all the way from New York to be with us and she rocked the stage! She talked about how she disliked being single and how she feels for everyone in the crowd, admitting that being single has changed in the modern day world.

Brillon also gave us a peek into married life, how she planned her wedding, and talked about her husband... A LOT!

"He got in the shower with me and I was like why? What are we - in prison? Why are we showering together? This is not sexy to me. This is an invasion."

She even shared some super exclusive tips for women under 30! It was HILARIOUS!

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