Woman Has Amazing Response To Creepy Texts From Guy At Jiffy Lube

For years, men have harassed women without even thinking twice about it, from whistling as women walk by to cyber-stalking them and worse. Thankfully, we've reached the point where that is no longer acceptable, but it takes strong people to lay down the law when lines are crossed, and one woman did just that when she received a creepy text from a mechanic. She sent the conversation that followed the text to her sister, who then shared it with the world on Twitter, captioning her post, "My sister got creeped on and sexually harassed by a jiffy lube guy via text from his personal phone and...."

What came next is the perfect response. Rather than just block the creep, the woman took the time to explain why him writing to her is beyond not cool. 


With no greeting, the guy texted her to say she is gorgeous. When she asked who it was, he replied, "Your favorite oil change guy," and explained, "I couldn't help but to let you know." That's where she then epically shut him down.

Calling the opportunity a "teachable moment," she goes on to explain that she is a customer and he is a service provider so their only communication should be about their business together, unless she has a desire for something else. 

She adds that she told him previously she was married when they discussed car maintenance so he should know she wouldn't be interested in him. Then she goes on to detail how his text affects her.  

She points out how he violated her privacy to go into her file and get her phone number. Since her address is in that file, she's now anxious that he might come to her home. If he is the type to cross a line and go into a file, he very well might be the type to take it one step further and show up at her house. 

Finally she explains how she now needs to decide if she should ignore his offense and go to another company so they don't have any awkward interactions, even though she has been loyal to Jiffy Lube, or if she should contact the company's HR and report him. 

She states that she doesn't want to ruin anyone's livelihood and asks if he understands why what he did is so inappropriate. 

The mechanic says yes and apologizes but doesn't get off that easy. She ends the conversation by letting him know that he isn't even in her "top five favorite oil change guys." Savage.  

Hopefully the guy learned his lesson.

Photo: Getty Images


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