Breaking News: Major Gas Line Explosion In San Francisco!

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A natural gas line has exploded in the Richmond District of San Francisco.

Firefighters are on the scene of this major fire and are trying to contain the flames, the fire is on the 3300 Block of Geary St at the Hong Kong Lounge II , near the University of San Francisco.

According to the news, there was a construction crew at the site digging and struck the gas line, which then exploded. PG&E is on site to turn the gas line shut off. Officials are asking people to avoid the Richmond area because the gas line has yet to be turned off and firefighters are trying to contain the flames.

No injuries have been reported.

We will update the story as we get more information.

Courtesy: Getty Images

Update 1:50 PM: A neighboring apartment buildings on Parker & Geary Ave are being evacuated, as the flames are getting bigger. The San Francisco Fire Department is calling it a 3rd alarm fire.

Update 2:00 PM:

  • University of San Francisco is not being evacuated at this time.
  • PG&E has not yet shut off the gas but has released a short statement.
  • All 5 workers from the construction crew have been accounted for.

Update 2:15 PM: (from SFFD Chief Joanne Hayes-White)

  • The construction crew (now 8 people) was installing fiber-optic before the explosion. All accounted for.
  • No injuries reported so far.
  • Hong Kong Lounge II and 3 other exposure buildings are being affected by the fire.
  • SFFD has evacuated the entire block and perimeter around the fire.
  • Timeline for the fire being controlled is as soon as PG&E is able to turn off the gas which is a complicated process.
  • PG&E is currently digging to get to the valve to switch off the gas.

Update 3:25 PM:

  • SF Water Department on the scene.
  • A building across the street has some damage.
  • St. Marys Cathedral and Mel's Diner opening doors for anyone thats been displaced.
  • Still no reports of injuries or anyone missing.
  • California Pacific Medical Center cancelling appointments.
  • Fire is controlled but not contained.

Update 3:40 PM:

  • After two and a half hours, PG&E was able to cap the gas line.
  • Firefighters have been able to put fire out.
  • SFFD fire chief says that approx. 100 people maybe displaced.
  • 6 blocks off of Geary will be shutdown for at least a day, best option to get around is California St and Turk St.

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