Subway To Be Testing Subs Served on King's Hawaiian Bread

Subway is partnering with the sweet, fluffy rolls King's Hawaiian Bread.

Starting June 27th, more than 300 shops in three cities will be serving sandwiches made with 8-inch King's Hawaiian Rolls. If you're familiar with the rolls, they look a little different than what you're used to because they're in sub form and they're freshly baked, but still have the same sweet taste

People in Champaign, IL; Reno, NV; and Richmond, VA, can order subs that will be freshly baked and in a new custom size – 8-inches. The premium sandwiches, made with King's Hawaiian bread, will have a Deluxe portion of meat and double the cheese of a typical 6-inch sub

Sandwiches will be available in these three test cities through September 4 and hopefully after that in stores nationwide!

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