Golden Gate Bridge And Ferry Prices Are Going Up!

Credible Threat Of Terrorist Attacks On Bridges In California

Sorry to all the commuters out there but the Golden Gate Bridge and ferry boat prices are going up!

According to KTVU, effective on July 1st, the Golden Gate Bridge toll will be going up to,

Regular tolls for 2-axle vehicles will climb from $8 to $8.35. FasTrak customers will pay $7.35 and drivers with a Pay-As-You-Go account will shell out $8.20. 

This is all part of a 5-year plan that was approved by the Golden Gate Bridge Board. Even for carpoolers the toll will rise to $5.35!

And it doesn't stop there, ferry and transit bus riders will also be affected by the toll increase. Click here to find out the increase in prices!

Courtesy: Getty Images

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