TikTok Star Quenlin Blackwell, 19, Sparks Concern For Living With Diplo, 41

TikTok star Quenlin Blackwell revealed she's been living with Diplo "for over a year," and fans are pretty concerned.

Earlier this week, the 19-year-old's fans were disturbed to learn about her living arrangement and apparent friendship with the 41-year-old record producer. However, Quenlin, who boasts 1.7+ million Twitter followers, said Diplo has been supporting her for a while.

“I live with Diplo right now, and he fully supports my endeavors,” Quenlin revealed in a recent social media post (via JustJared), which drew mixed reactions from fans considering the 22-year age difference between the two stars.

“The fact that Diplo was friends with that Quenlin girl when she was freshly 18 or even before then??? I’m sick to my stomach,” one follower tweeted, as another added, “That quenlin diplo living situation is weird and inappropriate idc idc.”

Despite fans' concern, Quenlin defended herself against allegations of “being groomed” by the musician, and later released a statement explaining that she and Diplo have only a “platonic” relationship and nothing more.

“I’d rather break both of my legs and before forced to walk than pursue Diplo romantically and he’d rather choke. He’s barley [sic] in LA bc he’s so busy,” she shared on Twitter. "Diplo has given me the opportunity and security to create. Diplo and his team are my mentors in LA and they are my safety net."

She continued, “Diplo and his team have saved me numerous times from the weirdos in LA. My parents trust him. I trust him. Y’all are making me feel icky. Diplo is my LA dad..nothing more.”

Diplo also gave some much-needed clarity on the situation, denying any claims that they live together. “I rent one of my properties to [Quenlin]. And yes I use the studio that is in that building," he explained. "There is nothing but a friendship between us.”

Photo: Instagram/Getty Images

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