Meet Leo From Hopalong Animal Rescue On Furry Fridays!

Leo is available to adopt, along with a ton of other amazing pets at Hopalong Animal Rescue who deserve a great forever home!

Meet Leo:

1Year, Male Pitbull mix

My foster daddy says this about me:

Leo is the most gentle dog I’ve ever fostered! He’s such a sweet guy! Even when he gets super excited and tries to play bite, he’s quite gentle and stops when I ask him. We’re working on it! He attached to me fast, so any family will be lucky to have him! Once he’s comfortable, he knows you’re his person and is so loyal.

I think Leo would be good around kids, he seems good about being handled and doesn’t react. He would probably benefit from a mentor dog sibling, he tries to learn what's appropriate behavior, and I think another dog that's well settled could speed up that process considerably.

Also for being scared of other people/dogs on walks, I think seeing that another dog in his pack isn't scared would go a long way. Leo likes to go on walks, I walk him 30min a day and longer on weekends. He’s been my hiking buddy! He loves to chew, so he’ll need lots of chew toys and loves toys! Leo also loves to sunbathe and cuddle! He’s truly a sweet guy!

A little bit about Leo’s backstory, Leo came to Hopalong from Stockton where our friends from Harvest Home Sanctuary rescued him from an empty field. Someone dumped him there and left him to die, this place has no homes, nor place of shade or water. They luckily drove by there and spotted him, was able to catch him and bring him back to their sanctuary where they did all his medical. Once he was already, they contacted us and we brought him into our foster program!

He’s truly a lucky guy!!!

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Star 101.3 Presents: Furry Fridays!

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