Meet Pets From Peninsula Humane Society & SPCA On Furry Fridays!

These pets are available to adopt, along with a ton of other amazing pets at Peninsula Humane Society & SPCA who deserves a great forever home!

Get to know Roscoe:

Hi there, I'm Roscoe! I'm an 8 month old, neutered male, Netherland dwarf mix rabbit. I'm still growing, but I currently weigh 3.5 pounds. Aren't I the most handsome rabbit you've ever seen? I'm the complete package of looks and personality! I'm a gentle fellow that's affectionate with my favorite people. Please ask about me today if you think we can be best friends! Ask for Roscoe, ID# A897387.

Get to know Licorice:

Hello there, my name is Licorice! I'm a medium sized, neutered male, short hair rabbit. I currently weigh approximately 6.3 pounds. I can be a bit cautious at first, but I enjoy exploring new places. I'm a curious fellow that's happy to hop about, and then flop over and relax. Please submit an application if you think we can be friends! Ask for Licorice, ID# A896112.

Get to know Lilo:

Hi there! My name is Lilo and I am a 6 month old spayed rabbit. I'm a curious little bunny who likes to just hop around, enjoy the occasional treat, and sit in your lap to get some nice pets. I currently weigh 4 pounds, but I'm still growing! Ask for Lilo ID# A897535.

Get to know Bambi:

I'm Bambi, a cute and tiny, female, Robo Hamster! My fuzzy coat is soft but I don't always appreciate being held. I like to run around and explore on my own 4 feet! I can run pretty fast and I love digging and creating tunnels! If a hamster is the pet for you, please ask about me Bambi ID# A896237.

Tune into Marcus & Sandy every Friday to meet another cat or dog that could be your family's next pet.

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Star 101.3 Presents: Furry Fridays!

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