Meet The Pets From Marin Humane On This Week's Furry Fridays!

Ozzy, Schmitty, Laurel and Charley are available to adopt at Marin Humane, along with a ton of other amazing pets who deserve a great forever home!

Get to know Ozzy:

Ozzy recently came to us from Solano SPCA. We think it's insane that he wasn't adopted there. He may look like a German Shepherd, but there's something about him that feels Golden Retriever to us. Maybe it's his goofy, smiling face. Or maybe it's his silly personality. We're not totally sure. All we know is we instantly fell in love with him.

Ozzy does well with other dogs. He can be a bit pushy at times, but understands when other dogs need space. We haven't seen him around kids, but we think he'd be okay. He's a big dude, so sturdy children are recommended. Ozzy's favorite thing to do is zoom around outdoors. It also doesn't seem like he's had much experience walking on a leash. Though it's not a requirement, we think it would be easiest for Ozzy to transition into a home with a yard to zoom around in. He's also very dog-focused, so it will be important to keep him on leash until his recall is solid.

We're still getting to know Ozzy. But we know one thing for certain: He's sure to provide a lifetime of smiles and laughs to his new family.

Get to know Schmitty:

"Wow he is so cute!" is a phrase that Schmitty hears from everyone he meets. We can all agree on that! Adorable little Schmitty has been spending time in foster and we've learned a lot about him. Schmitty will need a patient owner with a relaxed lifestyle and a regular routine. Behind those golden locks, and big brown eyes is a sweet, yet timid little dog. He needs gentle guidance to come out of his shell. He can be weary of new people trying to pet him and might shy away, but once he gets to know you, he will follow you around and gaze at you adoringly while you wash the dishes or get ready in the morning. Schmitty walks like a perfect gentleman on leash and is housetrained. He is treat motivated, which is very helpful for building his confidence with positive reinforcment. Schmitty has a previous history of serious separation anxiety. In his foster home, we have learned that he is much less anxious home alone when there are other dogs present. For this reason, Schmitty must live with at least one other small, compatible dog. Come meet Schmitty and see for yourself just how loving and gentle he is. Once he settles into your home, he'll provide you with endless snuggles on the couch and unconditional love.

Get to know Laurel:

Laurel is one lucky bun! She was found roaming around the IVC campus and brought here. Thank goodness...with coyotes, snakes, dogs off leash, the rabbit virus and a few more animals she may not have been so lucky.

Currently she is in a foster home and here is what we are finding out about her: She's sweet, affectionate, really loves company, attention and curious. She likes to explore, and follows the fosters to see what they are up to (and for more attention). Bruxes (like a kitten purr) and gives kisses to show happiness. Doesn't like to be alone and doesn't like confinement. She'll let you know with a light nibble and be aloof for a few minutes if she feels like she hasn't had enough attention. Even in a two x-pen set-up (get tall ones..she's a good jumper) she gets frustrated with confinement. So the bigger the space the calmer she'll be.

She likes to toss toys - paper, plastic and wicker. She also likes to dig thru her towels, tunnels and she likes to be high up (hanging out on top of boxes and beds). Laurel isn't comfortable getting picked-up but is slowly getting used to it. And, well, did we mention she's a real sweetheart!

Get to know Charley:

Handsome Charley has been in foster because sadly his guardian could no longer keep him because of their health issues. He's doing very well in foster and we've heard the following about him:

Charley is such a sweetheart and settled in very nicely in our home. He did fine with our very large dog and our son who is on the spectrum. He loves Greenies as a treat, wand toys, a spot with sunshine to lay in and sleeping at the foot of our bed. He may be a bit shy at first so his new family should be patient with him (definitely worth the wait!). He is easily started by loud noises and sudden movements. Ideally his new home will be more of a "zen" type of environment. He uses a scratching post and a puuurrrr machine once comfortable.


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Star 101.3 Presents: Furry Fridays!

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