Adele Reveals Which Song She Thinks Her Son Will Grow To Hate

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After the release of 30 last week, Adele has made peace with her divorce and created a work of art that explains it all to her son. However, the singer knows that as her son Angelo grows older, there may be one song on the album that he may find embarrassing.

"My Little Love" contains voice messages between Adele and Angelo, with the singer trying to explain to her son why she and his father, Simon Konecki, chose to get divorced when he was only six years old. "My Little Love" sits as the third track on the album, and Adele shared how she thinks her son will grow to hate the song while sitting down with the CBS show q with Tom Power.

"He'll probably go through stages of hating it when he's a teenager," Adele said. "But it was an important part of the puzzle I was trying to figure out of my life – not the album – so I had to include it."

"Imagine hearing that as a six-year-old," Adele said of what she told her son in the song. "'What do you mean you don't know what you're doing?' You panic, and your whole world would implode." The singer admitted that she "couldn't hide from him. He could see me even clearer if I tried to hide from him" when she explained that she decided to be honest with Angelo about how she felt amid the divorce.

While Adele performed at the Griffith Observatory for her CBS concert special, Angelo sat in the crowd. The performance was incredibly special for Adele, as it was the first time Angelo had seen her perform. She shared to Ryan Seacrest later on that she was terrified to hear her son's opinions on the performance, as she wanted to make him proud.

In addition to featuring messages between Adele and Angelo, 30 includes a bonus version of "Easy On Me" featuring Chris Stapleton, singles that relate to being single, and a hinted at 15-minute version of "I Drink Wine" that the label has not yet released.

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