Meet Pets From Hopalong Animal Rescue On Furry Fridays!

Stella, Turbo, Bobbin, and Sterling are available to adopt, along with a ton of other amazing pets at Hopalong Animal Rescue who deserve a great forever home!

Meet Stella:

I’m Stella! I’m a super sweet girl looking for a forever home! I’ve been with Hopalong for over a 1 year and hope to find my family soon! My foster really loves me and wants the best home for me!

My foster says: Stella started sleeping in my son's bed only recently but will sleep on the couch (if allowed) or her dog bed (I can bring the one she uses). Her last Foster didn't let her on their couch, so she listens well and is malleable to whoever she's with. She is chill, funny when you tell her "speak" - she will expect a treat ;-), and craves to be near people. We try to get a walk 1-2 times a day (before I go to work or after I get home), though she is content with 1 walk. Stella is fine around mellow dogs, but doesn’t like young active ones, she really is a couch potato that just wants to be around you! She’s great with kids, great with people! She walks like a penguin and is the sweetest dog! She rides well in a car, housebroken and overall just the easiest girl. Stella is about 80lbs, but she doesn’t know that! She thinks she’s tiny and will try to sleep on your lap! HAH! People don’t see the beauty in her, but we do! Hopalong took her from a local shelter after she spent 5 months there. Stella is a stellar dog and anyone that adopts her will be SO lucky! Stella is about 6-7yrs old.

**She must be in a home with no cats,and preferably no dog**

This funny girl deserves the best, please ask to meet her or learn more!

Meet Turbo:

Ready for a SUPER fun dog with fun energy and love to give? Look no further! Meet Turbo!! Turbo is part wild man, part angel. This guy can romp with another dog for hours and is a great hiking buddy. Despite his party attitude, Turbo can do downtime and is a great cuddler. He definitely has a mischievous streak and will sometimes grab things you’d rather he not (like the pair of socks in your hand) but those items are easily retrieved by trading him for a treat. Puppy-proofing will be par for the course. Turbo is living with 3 other dogs in his foster home - a 6-year-old, female pit bull (who is his wrestle-and-chase partner) and 2 senior small dogs. In his enthusiasm, he has been known to trample the littles (entirely by accident) so his ultimate home would be as an only child or with one other very playful dog around his size (57 lbs.) that is tolerant of lots of physical, vocal play. Because his energy seems to offend some other dogs, Turbo is not going to be a good candidate for the dog park. But he loves the dogs in his foster home!!!

Meet Bobbin:

From my foster:

“Bobbin was born to a feral mom in a neighborhood in Richmond, spring of 2020. His mom and two siblings have since found homes. Bobbin is very confident once he settles in. He’s smart, assertive with other cats, food driven (he’ll eat anything but has always been on a grain-free diet!), and very loving and cuddly once he feels safe with you. He loves interactive play, and would do best in a home where he can get lots of attention and stimulation. He would do best either as an only cat or with another cat who is active, young, and confident since he likes to play. This guy is such a sweetie and deserves a nice home where he can get lots of love and attention!

Bobbin must be indoor-only because of his white fur, as he is more susceptible to sun damage/skin cancer.

Meet Sterling:

From my foster:

Sterling is a huge (almost 20lbs!), mellow kitty. He’s very easygoing and a nice blend of independent and affectionate--he likes to do his own thing during the day, and then cuddle at night. He loves getting his cheeks rubbed, and he’s very gentle and sweet. This gentle giant deserves an awesome home!

Some key points about Sterling:

  • Extremely entertaining! Will even chase his own tail.
  • Really loves his toys, especially anything cat nip-related. (We will provide several of his toys that he absolutely adores).
  • He loves to chase us into other rooms... with the goal being that he gets there first.
  • He loves company even though he doesn't sit next to you. He does want someone around and has quite a bit of separation anxiety when left alone.
  • He prefers women but is fine with men. We think he would be just fine with older children, he puts up with my husband trying to play with him.
  • He loves to be carried around the apartment to check things out for about 2 minutes haha, he purrs when I do this with him.
  • He prefers seafood-based food.
  • He does try to escape into our apartment hallway, we think he might enjoy a large environment a bit bigger than our apartment. He got right out of the carrier when we brought him home and had to check every inch of everywhere.
  • Has a lot of dog-like tendencies.

Tune into Marcus & Sandy every Friday to meet another cat or dog that could be your family's next pet.

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Star 101.3 Presents: Furry Fridays!

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