Meet Pets From Hopalong Animal Rescue On Furry Fridays!

These pets along with a ton of other amazing pets at Hopalong Animal Rescue who deserve a great forever home!

Meet Blink and BelleAme:

These bonded sisters had a rough beginning. With no home, no love, no safety net, it’s a blessing these girls stayed together until they were found. Early in their lives, they had untreated eye infections which led them both to have surgery to remove one eye. They have both accommodated very well after their surgeries and are regular sweet playful pups. It’s no doubt, there were some humans who did not treat these babies well, evidenced by their apprehension of meeting new humans. They have been with our 3 dogs and many other dogs this last month, and are happy, playful, carefree and energetic with all dogs! Since these beautiful girls have been with us, we’ve given them love, hugs, praise, and a lots of special attention. They are always on the couch with us and we all snuggle together at night, they are the perfect bed partners.

BelleAme and Blink would do well being adopted together as a pair, or adopted separately with another very calm dog to show them the ropes. BelleAme will need more confidence building and an adopter who can be patient with her as she learns to trust and love her new human. BelleAme has limited vision in her one eye, but has no problem playing with toys, balls, running, chasing, pulling towels down and all the usual favorite puppy activities. They are both very sweet, very treat motivated, and are not aggressive chewers or destroyers.

Due to their lack of confidence and timidness, they would do better in a home without small active children. They are both amazing eaters and love just about any treats. Their favorite pastime is to lay on a heating pad, pasted against us on the couch and dragging toys around the room. They love any squeaky toys, stuffed animals, balls and crinkle toys. They haven’t met a dog they don’t like, they are very dog social puppies. Since they started out as lost souls, loud cars, motorcycles, traffic, barking dogs do scare them. We’ve taken baby steps exposing them to a new wonderful life, and their adopter will have to be patient with these little loves. They’ve come a long way and are such little cute love bugs. We have no doubt they will be wonderful, sweet, amazing pups!

Do you have a heart of gold to give one or both of these girls the happy life they so deserve? If so….we’re waiting for our special someone

Blink has 1/2 black face on the left which is the side her eye was removed.

BelleAme has 1/2 black face on the right which is the side her eye was removed.

Meet Trixie:

Hi! I’m Trixie! I’m a very sweet and social girl! I’m looking for a forever home! I’m currently in foster and hoping to find that forever home! I love playing! I love toys! I was born with a little neurological problem. You see, I wobble when I get really happy! It’s call Cerebellar Hypoplasia. There’s nothing you can do but accept me the way I am. I’m a special girl and very healthy! My balance can be a bit off, but it’s not bad. I can eat, play, go potty and do all the things! I just want a fun and loving home! I’m spayed, up to date on all vaccines and microchipped!

My foster mommy also says this about me:

Trixie is a serious love bug. She is a bundle of energy who loves to play and really really loves to snuggle. We think she is part squirrel because when she’s very excited she loves to climb up you and burrow in your neck. She is working on her house training - she is using the pee pad but sometimes has accidents. She nibbles when she’s excited but stops when you tell her to. She has slight cerebellar hypoplasia which means she wobbles a little when she's excited. She was born this way and can have a normal life. She's just a bit wobbly and prances in an amazing way. She loves balls and will definitely be a good fetcher some day. She doesn’t seem too interested in our cat and hasn’t been around other dogs yet but seems to have the personality that plays well with others. She is smart, full of personality and love.

Meet Jules:

Beauty, grace, affection…this girl has it all! Jules is young a dilute calico girl with unique, beautiful markings and a personality to match! She’s super-duper sweet and loving and just wants all the pets. She’ll knead biscuits and purr loudly all day with you. A very affectionate and friendly girl—she’ll make the best sidekick/furry friend. This love muffin deserves a great home.

Meet Annabelle:

Annabelle loves above the tail, chin, and between the shoulder blade scratches. She is very talkative and likes if you meow back at her. She also sometimes fetches hairbands and brings them to you. She does best in calm environments. She is a bit shy/timid at first and will slowly warm up to new people, but once she gets used to you she is the best cat ever. She loves to be around her person and sit on your lap/at the foot of your bed. She loves to have a perch by the window, and soft cozy blankets to sleep on.

Annabelle and Tammy are a bonded pair and must be adopted together .

Some key points about Annabelle:

  • Favorite snacks: salmon and turkey flavored treats
  • Dislikes: faces too close to her belly, loud shoes and voices
  • Favorite toys: hairbands, small balls, strings, feathers

Tune into Marcus & Sandy every Friday to meet another cat or dog that could be your family's next pet.

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Star 101.3 Presents: Furry Fridays!

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