Meet Pets From Hopalong Animal Rescue On Furry Fridays!

These pets along with a ton of other amazing pets at Hopalong Animal Rescue who deserve a great forever home!

Meet Donny:

Donny, Joey, and Jordan are brothers. The following applies to all of them.

  • have conquered stairs
  • doing great with positive reinforcement housetraining, use peepads inside like champs! and also doing so great doing their business outside
  • happy to see strangers who walk by (they run wagging along the fence)
  • do so well with guests
  • have not been around small kids, but have done great with kids 7+
  • could be companions with another dog, they have been respectful with 2 other dogs with play bowing and such, but for an older dog they might be a bit much
  • will need LOTS of exercise
  • not lap dogs, but love to curl up under your chair or at your feet
  • love ear and belly rubs
  • have learned sit and leave it (need reinforcement for new object)
  • like tug
  • love soft squeaky toys
  • playful and curious
  • have spent a lot of time outside with space to run around and have had A LOT of playtime with toys and training
  • like to dig and bite branches at their height - WILL need water bowls that can't be tipped over, all LOVE to splash around and get wet
  • have grown crazy fast and will be BIG boys

The following applies to Donny.

  • sometimes barks at new objects (packages especially, has to be 'introduced' to them)
  • smartest of the bunch
  • vocal when frustrated
  • first one to notice when a new person is coming in or walking by
  • happy to give kisses
  • puts one paw in the food bowl when eating
  • active and fun
  • still getting used to his front legs being long :)

Meet Winston:

From Happy Hound:

We’re currently fostering this firecracker for our rockstar friends at @hopalonganimalrescue. Here’s what Winston shared about himself:

“Hi, I’m Winston! I’m a puppy looking for a super exciting and fun home! I’m an active boy and can be stubborn so would love a home that can continue guiding me! I’m currently being fostered at #happyhoundplayanddaycare and I get to play with dogs all day and that’s SUPER fun! I love being there! I’m looking for a strong handler that won’t let me get away with things! You know, like from pulling on leash or jumping on you! hee hee I just love to give kisses!

I’m great with dogs and have been okay around some cats, but probably best without a cat in the home. I tend to want to play and chase and kitties don’t always like that.

I hope you ask more about me and come see me at Happy Hound! I’m a cattle/pit mix and would love a home to call my own! A very fun home where I can go on runs, hikes, and also cuddle on you!”

Winston is learning better manners while he plays with the other dogs in group everyday. We love him and really hope his perfect home finds him soon. If you think that might be you, or you know who would be perfect for Winston, reach out to #hopalonganimalrescue to schedule a time to meet this amazing and loveable doggo!

Meet Anna:

Hi, I’m Anna!

I’m a 4 month old Shepherd/Cattle mix puppy. I’m too smart for my own good! I’m learning to be crate trained and overnight I’m a sweet angel in it. During the day, I really like to be around people! I have a lot of anxiety when left alone and need a home with a lot of experience that can train me and continue teaching me to be a good and independent dog. I’d love a home with a yard and someone that can exercise me a lot! Take me on hikes and runs! I’m a very active herding breed and need lots of stimulation! I hope you ask more about me!! I really am a good girl that needs someone who accepts me for who I am! 

I’m currently being fostered at Happy Hound Doggie Daycare where they are working on my manners and teaching me to be a gentle girl! I'll get to play with lots of dogs and get so much love!!!

Meet Annabelle:

Annabelle loves above the tail, chin, and between the shoulder blade scratches. She is very talkative and likes if you meow back at her. She also sometimes fetches hairbands and brings them to you. She does best in calm environments. She is a bit shy/timid at first and will slowly warm up to new people, but once she gets used to you she is the best cat ever. She loves to be around her person and sit on your lap/at the foot of your bed. She loves to have a perch by the window, and soft cozy blankets to sleep on.

Annabelle and Tammy are a bonded pair and must be adopted together .

Some key points about Annabelle:

  • Favorite snacks: salmon and turkey flavored treats
  • Dislikes: faces too close to her belly, loud shoes and voices
  • Favorite toys: hairbands, small balls, strings, feathers

Tune into Marcus & Sandy every Friday to meet another cat or dog that could be your family's next pet.

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Star 101.3 Presents: Furry Fridays!

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