Meet Pets From Hopalong Animal Rescue On Furry Fridays!

These pets along with a ton of other amazing pets at Hopalong Animal Rescue who deserve a great forever home!

Meet Marcel:

Marcel is a strong, independent pupper! Not much of a physical affection seeker, but he absolutely LOVES to play. Humans, dogs, his own tail - doesn’t matter. Tug, chase, and keep-away are his favorites.

  • Once he’s tuckered out, don’t be surprised to find him trying to get under the covers for some alone time.
  • At dog parks, Marcel is very sociable with other dogs, both big and small. Good luck trying to get him to leave.
  • At home, he loves a good sun spot to lay in with a chew toy.
  • He’s crate trained, but would much rather sleep in bed with you.

Marcel is being fostered by our awesome friends at Happy Hound.

Meet Rupert:

Hi! My name is Rupert! I’m a very sweet boy looking for a special forever home! I came to a local shelter as a stray with a dent on my head! I know, right? Well, not sure what really happened to me, but I’m a healthy boy who looks a little different if you look closely.

I’m really dog social and love to please. As a stray, I’m used to seeing different people, which means you can introduce me to all your family and friends and I can show off my awesomeness. If they have dogs, I would love to play with them, too. I get very excited when meeting new play pals. I am a little shy with new enclosed spaces, but once you help me learn I’m in a safe space, I feel right at home. I love the warmth of the sun, going on walks, running, playing with other dogs, and playing with toys. I mean LOVE playing with toys! Check out my videos. As you can see, I’m just a happy go lucky guy!

My foster dad is showing me that I don’t have to worry about finding food anymore, so while he prepares my food, I sit patiently until he say’s it’s time to eat. In turn, I am trying to show him how to Sit and Stay, but some humans need a little more work. I’m not a big barker, but if I hear strange noises I’ll let you know. My foster dad says “thank you” and then I go back to my business. If you’re looking for a dog that is low-key yet energetic, that’s me!!!!! Don’t forget to ask about me, I’m such a special dude!

*Best in a home with no cats*

Meet Lexi:

Lexi is a very pretty, outgoing young girl. She’s very sweet and wants lots of pets. She’ll follow you around and get underfoot trying to rub on you, so watch out! She’s a total cuddle bug who is super affectionate and social. She’s active but not high energy (she enjoys her naps), which is nice. She was surrendered because she wasn’t getting along with the other cats in the home, so we think she would prefer to be the only cat in the home.

Meet Tammy:

Tammy’s favorite things to do are eat, nap, and be held. She’s a very sweet, mellow, simple, loving girl. She loves her nap/cuddle time and is very affectionate. She is prone to getting kidney stones, so to manage this, she needs to stay on a dry food diet of Royal Canin Urinary health kibble.

She and Annabelle are a bonded pair and must be adopted together. 

Some key points about Tammy:

  • Favorite snacks: salmon everything
  • Dislikes: people watching her go to the bathroom, people charging at her, loud noises
  • Favorite toys: balls, string

Tune into Marcus & Sandy every Friday to meet another cat or dog that could be your family's next pet.

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Star 101.3 Presents: Furry Fridays!

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