Meet Pets From Hopalong Animal Rescue On Furry Fridays!

These pets along with a ton of other amazing pets at Hopalong Animal Rescue who deserve a great forever home!

Meet Parfait:

Parfait is fluffy goddess. She is a very loving, sweet cat to her humans (but can be jealous around other cats and will stalk them at times). She is very energetic and enjoys a tall cat tree placed by a window so she can look out. She loves to be brushed and pampered and drools sometimes when you pet her. All in all she is a sweet cat , loves a good lap, has a tiny meow and big beautiful eyes. She is a sweet friendly girl and very energetic. She would love a tall cat tree. She drools a bit when getting pets if sitting in your lap. I believe she would do better with a home with no young kids.

Meet Rupert:

Hi! My name is Rupert! I’m a very sweet boy looking for a special forever home! I came to a local shelter as a stray with a dent on my head! I know, right? Well, not sure what really happened to me, but I’m a healthy boy who looks a little different if you look closely.

I’m really dog social and love to please. As a stray, I’m used to seeing different people, which means you can introduce me to all your family and friends and I can show off my awesomeness. If they have dogs, I would love to play with them, too. I get very excited when meeting new play pals. I am a little shy with new enclosed spaces, but once you help me learn I’m in a safe space, I feel right at home. I love the warmth of the sun, going on walks, running, playing with other dogs, and playing with toys. I mean LOVE playing with toys! Check out my videos. As you can see, I’m just a happy-go-lucky guy!

My foster dad is showing me that I don’t have to worry about finding food anymore, so while he prepares my food, I sit patiently until he says it’s time to eat. In turn, I am trying to show him how to Sit and Stay, but some humans need a little more work. I’m not a big barker, but if I hear strange noises I’ll let you know. My foster dad says “thank you” and then I go back to my business. If you’re looking for a dog that is low-key yet energetic, that’s me!!!!! Don’t forget to ask about me, I’m such a special dude!

*Best in a home with no cats*

Meet Baby Cakes:

Baby Cakes came to Hopalong with a bad case of mange and was as bald as a newborn baby. She settled in almost immediately to the good life in foster and with medicated baths, good nutrition, and lots of love, she put on weight, grew her hair back, and blossomed into the sweetest teacup chihuahua you've ever met. She also grew rabbit ears in the process. She can hear a butterfly burp from a mile away.

Baby Cakes loves dogs and people. One of her favorite dogs in the world is a 80lb pit bull and she loves to cuddle and play with him all day. She is our in-house nostril inspector and enjoys greeting you with a nose tongue-bath if allowed. She loves nothing more than a warm body (dog or human) and to burrow under as many blankets as she can.

Baby Cakes is doing well with her "tinkles" and will take them outside or go on a pee pad. Her poopies are hit and miss these days - sometimes outside, sometimes behind the recliner. If you keep an eye on her and get her on a good schedule I'm sure she will settle into a better routine. In her foster home she stays in an xpen when she is not supervised and burrows into her blanket fort and waits patiently for her next adventure.

We've taken Baby Cakes out in the world with us in a sling/pouch and she is calm and happy - until she sees another dog and then she alarm barks. We are working on this behavior which has only started recently - she only seems bothered by strange dogs in public places. All other dogs she has met in foster have been fast friends.

Meet Peggy:

Hi! I’m Peggy! I’m a sweet girl that’s a bit terrified of the world. I came to Hopalong from the Stockton shelter and was really scared. I love my foster family and have bonded hard with them, but I need a forever home! I love other dogs, love my people (Once I warm up to you). I’m pretty quiet and just love to chill. I hope someone with experience and no small kids can give me a forever home. I don’t know my past, but I think it was a bit scary! I’m really ready for a new life! I’m spayed, up to date on everything! I hope you ask about me!!!

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Star 101.3 Presents: Furry Fridays!

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