Meet Pets From Muttville Senior Dog Rescue On Furry Fridays!

These pets are available to adopt, along with a ton of other amazing dogs at Muttville Senior Dog Rescue who deserve a great forever home!

Get to know Louie:

Straight out of a pin ball machine, Louie the blind shih-tzu terrier mix is making waves at Muttville! His beautiful round body resembles a bouncy ball that has been covered in a mound of fluff. He is sweet and friendly and knows how to have a good time! Just call his name and he will come runnin! After he boops his nose on the wall and couch of course, but that doesn’t stop Louie! Give him a few days and he will have the entire place memorized! Want to rob a bank? Louie is your man. He will have the place mapped out in no time. Not that we condone bank robbery but if you are looking for a new partner in crime Louie is your guy!

Here’s some notes from his foster :

Louie is a perfect lap dog. He is very friendly and upbeat, constantly wagging his tail and looking for belly rubs. He has perfect potty behavior. He is definitely working on increasing his steps. He is slow but feels very safe and enjoys walking around and sniffing at the dog park (a yard or patio would be great for him). He is great with my dog but very interested in his person. He would likely sleep in his bed at night, but he has been sleeping with me and I think enjoys knowing there is somebody close by. He has the cutest little snore.

Get to know Avocado:

This creamy little fruit is soft, gentle, and gets along with everybody. Avocado pairs excellently with other dogs, nice people, chips, burgers, sunny yards-you name it! She might be a little shy at first but, just like something delicious you spread on toast, she warms right up.

Here’s some notes from her foster:

Miss Avocado is the biggest lover girl of all time. Although she may be shy at first, once you make friends, you’ll be friends for life. She loves nothing more than snuggling up with her people and taking long naps!

Don’t let her age fool you – she loves going on jaunts around the block and stopping to smell the flowers (or trying to pounce on a pigeon!). Although she loves a slow stroll, she gets so proud of herself after going potty outside that she’ll do a few short zoomies. Like the superstar she is, she’s already become a pro with her potty training!

Slowly gaining her confidence, she’ll soon be ready to take on the world! Because she’s a slow-to-warm gal, she would love to be in a quieter home that’s ready to live a gentle life and nap all day with her – she loves nothing more than sleeping in with soft blankets. Once she’s comfortable, be ready to be smothered in endless kisses and for her to very proudly show you all of her favorite squeaky toys.

Because the world can be a scary place, Avocado loves slow introductions. Although she loves other people and pups, they need to be able to meet her at her speed. This means that although she’d love to have a doggy sibling or to meet other dogs on walks, they’ll need to easy-going and introduced slowly so that she doesn’t get nervous.

Ultimately, Avocado is ready to make an equal trade with you: you give her endless booty scratches, tummy rubs, and "good girls, and in turn she’ll give you endless kisses and love. Who could say no to that

Get to know Dino:

The great protector! Dino has the ability to hear aliens walking around on the moon. His satellite shaped ears give him super sonic hearing and allows him to detect extra terrestrial life across the galaxies! NASA even just hired him for a top secret mission. They are hoping he will be able to discover life on other planets and they even want to give him the opportunity to go up into space. Dino is however afraid of heights so we aren’t too sure if that opportunity will pan out. Dino may be one of the most smartest, most handsome, and the most regal dogs we have ever seen on planet earth. Your job – (if you choose to except)- is to love him unconditionally and give him the best life that he deserves! Who knows, he might even share some top secret space information with you.

Get to know Wilbert:

You might recognize this little potato from his A-list-celebrity days when he played the moody heartthrob in numerous 80’s rom-coms. Wilburt loves the attention from fans sometimes, but most often he hides behind large shades and a ballcap. You can be his forever person if you promise not to make too big a deal about getting his autograph.

Here are some notes from his foster!

Bert is a lovely well mannered gentleman who is very smart, loving, easy going, gets along with other dogs (I have six) and is housetrained (both outdoor and indoor pee pads). He sleeps well through the night. He’s quiet, not a barker. He loves his food and snacks, wagging his nubby tail in excitement along with bouncy hops.

He is recovering very very well from having his injured eye removed and more of his personality is coming to light now that he isn’t in pain. He’s got a lot more pep in his step and interest in daily life here. He is diabetic and has insulin shots twice a day usually with his meals with no fuss. He has an eye medication for dry eye which is applied once – 2 times a day for dry eye-no fuss. No other meds.

He is truly a sweetie, a lovely doxie that would be the bestest buddy for a lucky person!

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Star 101.3 Presents: Furry Fridays!

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