Meet The Pets From Marin Humane On This Week's Furry Fridays!

These pets are available to adopt at Marin Humane, along with a ton of other amazing pets who deserve a great forever home!

Get to know DeeDee:

Dee Dee is social, friendly and enjoys attention. Even though she came from a quiet household she has handled being at the busy shelter pretty well (except for the part about being put back into a condo...). So now she is looking forward to having a room of her own.

During her stay at Kitty Corner she loved to hang out with everyone. It took her only about 15 minutes to jump in a lap for petting and purrs, 10 minutes before she switched to another lap, and within another 10 minutes she was charming the passerby with her lovely eyes and come visit me looks. Dee Dee is confident, affectionate, and outgoing and has claimed our only padded office chair. As a calico (and a feline!), she does tell us right away if she does not like something. If you are clueless to reading her previous objections she will resort to a swat or nip to get her message across (for example, going back into her condo instead of staying out with us), so she is not for the first-time cat guardian. She needs someone who is cat savvy with understanding feline body language and will respect her wishes.

Dee Dee clearly gave a lot of love and companionship to her previous guardian. She is a great hang out cat that loves to have her people around her and of course, her wishes granted.

Get to know Skye:

Skye has bright blue eyes and has a gentle, calm spirit to him. He appreciates all the attention he is now getting, enjoys petting and is super easy to handle (he endured his bath with little protest and enjoys being brushed!). This sweet boy is a bit cautious at first, but with a little sweet talk and a soft touch, he is amazingly affectionate.

Skye was found outside starving. His rescuer said he "couldn't eat the cat food fast enough!" He was neutered already, friendly and had a microchip, but we could not trace him back to a guardian. We don't know what happened to Skye for him to wind up on the streets hungry and alone, but we do know a wonderful new forever home is waiting for him!

Get to know Bella:

Do you have a pool in need of a dog? Bella is a dog who LOVES water, spraying water, water in pools, mud puddles, fountains; you name it, Bella is ready to jump in if it has water. Bella also loves fetch, we do not have a pool large enough for fetch in the water and we think Bella might really enjoy putting her two favorite things together. Now we are not requiring a home have a pool to adopt Bella, but if you love a dog that loves water, you should come and meet Bella.

We've gotten to know Bella a lot better during her stay at Marin Humane. Based on her personality, problem solving nature and overall energy level we think she may be a mix of some of the more energetic herding breeds. Bella reminds me a LOT of my Australian Shepherd, they both bark just to hear themselves and alert to world to their presence - or because they saw something and need to make sure we know about it. Bella also has the brains of the Aussies and Cattle Dogs I have known she learns lightning fast and once learned it is in her brain for good! For example, Bella has learned that when we approach her kennel we will not open the door until she sits; she has also learned that being calm means we put on her harness and go for a walk.

Once outside Bells likes to send out the call to the world to let them know she is alive with a dozen barks, we just wait for her to have her say and then go on our walk. Bella is a fetch star - so it is easy to get her exercise. If you have a big yard and are able to exercise a dog without leaving the property, we think that would be grand for Bella. Bella loves doing Nosework at the shelter, going for walks and getting more training. Treat motivated and smart the trainers in us see the great and fun dog inside Bella just waiting for the right person to come along and help her shine. We would like any adopter of Bella to have a chat with one of our staff to make sure they have all the support and information needed for a smooth transition of Bella into their home. Bella's previous home told us she was crate trained, so that will help with management and training. Young, ready to train and smart, Bella is ready to meet you!

Get to know BonBon:

Bon Bon appears to be a gentle old soul. He was brought here by a concerned citizen who found him on the streets of Novato. How he got there is a mystery but we do know that he was not very well cared for. He was very overweight and his nails were extremely long (which is very dangerous for a rabbit). Now he's in a foster home getting socialized and a proper diet. Here's what his foster family say's about Bon Bon:

We can tell Bon Bon is not used to people. He is a very calm bunny that mostly sits in his enclosure. Fortunately we can pick him up and then put him on our lap for petting. He's getting more consistent with his litter box use too. We are guessing he never had one. We sit near him and talk to him softly. He's relaxed but has yet to come over to us.

So what does this sweet bun need? He needs a very, very patient family that understands it may take time for him to come around. But he deserves that for sure. So if you really want to offer a bunny a second, or perhaps a third chance at a great life maybe this is the one for you.

Tune into Marcus & Sandy every Friday to meet another animal that could be your family's next pet.

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Star 101.3 Presents: Furry Fridays!

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