Meet The Pets From Marin Humane On This Week's Furry Fridays!

These pets are available to adopt at Marin Humane, along with a ton of other amazing pets who deserve a great forever home!

Get to know Mickey:

Mickey is currently in a foster home and NOT at the shelter. To make an appointment to meet Mickey, please call our Adoption desk at 415.506.6225.

He's got the looks, he's got the vibe, he's got it all! And then some. Mickey is more fun than a barrel of monkeys, especially if you are into high-energy and endlessly enthusiastic young dogs. Currently Mickey is getting trained at our San Quentin Pen Pals Program where he lives with a handler 24/7. His handler fell in love after just a few days and says he is very agile and can be a ball of energy but knows when its time to calm down and is learning how to focus.

This athletic young fellow is looking for an active home that can work his body and his mind. He has shown great potential and is quick to learn, especially if you have yummy treats. He definitely lacks in the manners department when it comes to other dogs, so he will need careful introductions and should only be matched with canine pals who can handle is rough and forward play style. He had a blast with the young female bully we introduced him to, so he can definitely have dog friends if they are a good fit. No kitties or small animals though please, Mickey thinks they are just too enticing.

If you have experience with energetic adolescents and want a full-time buddy, Mickey the happy little cannonball just might be the perfect match.

Get to know Baby:

Are you that rare gem of a human who doesn't need a cat to validate your desire to touch furry bodies? Do you enjoy a spicy cat who calls the shots with a "can't touch this" vibe? Read on.

Baby is also a rare gem; a one of a kind cat, she is feisty and beautiful, and lovable in her own unique way. Baby is not for the novice guardian or even a "pretty experienced" guardian....she is more for the "Jackson Galaxy" experienced level guardian (if you don't know who Jackson Galaxy is you might enjoy the Google search). Understanding Baby's body language and her need to be an independent soul doing her own thing is the key to understanding and enjoying her for who she is.

Babyisms....She is always up for a visitor. She beckons us with her fascinatingly crossed blue eyes. She entices us into her room with meows, trills and chirps. She shows affection by immediately rubbing against our legs...but don't try to pet her! If you do you will be met with a soft paw swipe! If you sit down she may jump in your lap where you are also not "allowed" to pet her. Baby also sometimes doesn't like shoes and will bat at them if they smell funny....She loves to play with a feather wand toy in and out of her ripple rug. She loves playing "Toss the Temptation treat". Baby loves cat nip! She is so adorable when she rolls around during a cat nip session that you can't help but smile at her. Baby loves quiet time--just lying next to her favorite volunteers--no petting--just being near them makes her happy.

Baby is the ultimate tantric cat. If you're intrigued by the fun and the challenge, Baby would love to talk to you. Leave your shoes at the door and your hands in your pockets and we'll be back to check on you. [wink]


Get to know Tommy:

Tommy is a fun guy who loves attention. He greets us with lots of leg rubs and head bunting. He is talkative and purry. He loves to ambush his ribbon wand toy as he hides in his play tunnel. Tommy enjoys laps or just hanging out next to you when you visit. He is also kinda into shoes....he will spend a bit of time investigating and checking out your shoes when you first come in to visit. Tommy is inquisitive and enjoys taking all the those fascinating scents in!

Get to know Helicopter:

Helicopter was found chilling by a pool when he was taken in by some Good Samaritans who realized that he did not belong on his own. We believe he was someone's pet due to his condition and behavior, but no one ever came to claim him. Life on his own must have been frightening, so he might need some TLC to learn to fully relax with people again. But he will sit nicely on your arm once you get him, so he is definitely used to being around people. He gets along with other pigeons and would not mind having space to fly with other birds.

Tune into Marcus & Corey every Friday to meet more animals that could be your family's next pet.

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