Inflation Relief Checks Will Be Sent To Californians On These Dates

Coronavirus economic impact check surrounded by money. Concept of stimulus payment and United States government assistance

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California legislators have recently decided on a date that the first round of inflation relief checks will begin to be distributed. Qualifying residents who e-filed their taxes in 2020 will receive the payments via direct deposit, while residents who did not e-file their taxes will receive the refund in the form of a debit card. According to KTLA, some Californians can expect to see their money by October 7th. The Middle Class Tax Refund will be distributed to recipients in groups with the first group being those who e-filed their taxes, and received the "Golden State Stimulus Payment."

KTLA detailed that this group will receive their inflation relief checks anytime from October 7th to October 25th. All other recipients can expect their inflation relief checks from October 28th to November 14th. Those who are not set up with direct deposits, but fall into the above categories will receive the inflation relief payment as a debit card through the mail. These recipients can expect to be in possession of the debit cards anywhere from October 25th to December 10th. KTLA mentioned that residents who do not fall under any of the above categories and are not set up with direct deposit can expect to see their debit cards anytime after January 15, 2023.

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