Meet Pets From Muttville Senior Dog Rescue On Furry Fridays!

These pets are available to adopt, along with a ton of other amazing dogs at Muttville Senior Dog Rescue who deserve a great forever home!

Get to know Antonio & Delphine:

Antonio and Delphine are strongly bonded, so we want to adopt them out together.

Delfina + Antonio, that’s amore! They love each other and you’ll love them too: tan chi love is the greatest love of all! Delfina is spry and lovely. Antonio has a hitch in his giddy up, but happily bops around. Together they’re a fun and lively pair.

Here’s a note from their foster!

Antonio and Delphine are quite the pair! Antonio is the silly one, while Delphine is the more refined one. They are both the sweetest!

Antonio’s favorite hobby is following you and monitoring your activity through the house – he is my chore buddy and makes sure I am folding my laundry correctly. :) He always has a goofy smile on his face and is endlessly curious. He will gobble down any food he sees. He has scoliosis, so is unable to do stairs or jump up, but gets around just fine on flat surfaces. He is also able to use the small doggy stairs I have in order to access the couch.

Delphine prefers to nap but will come over for snuggles when you sit down on the couch to relax. She has a bit more of a refined palette than Antonio and will inspect her food before deciding it is up to par. She is quite spry and able to jump up onto the couch no problem! She is slower to warm up, but once she does, she will shower you with kisses!

They enjoy a short walk of about 15-20 minutes once a day, and go out for a 5 min potty break a few times a day. We are working on their potty training, but they are learning quickly! These two are a super cute, low maintenance pair that would do great in a host of homes!

Get to know Dino:

Dino has the ability to hear aliens walking around on the moon. His satellite shaped ears give him super sonic hearing and allows him to detect extra terrestrial life across the galaxies! NASA even just hired him for a top secret mission. Dino may be one of the most smartest, most handsome, and the most regal dogs we have ever seen on planet earth. Your job – (if you choose to except)- is to love him unconditionally and give him the best life that he deserves! Who knows, he might even share some top secret space information with you.

Dino is hospice due to the following medical conditions: limited mobility & severe arthritis in his hind end.

Here’s what his foster has to say!

Dino is such an affectionate and handsome ragazzo, who is always smiling and showing off those giant fuzzy ears of his. While he might look like a wolf, he’s really just a (very) big cuddle bug who loves to be cozy and enjoy la dolce vita with his famiglia at home.

I’ll admit that the hospice label was new and a little intimidating for me too, but what you’re getting with Dino is a relentlessly happy and expressive pal who just happens to be a bit clumsy sometimes. Care should be taken to keep his walks quite short with his weak back legs, because loves going outside and he’ll try to keep going! And while he’s not as spry as he used to be, that doesn’t stop him from jumping up on the couch or into bed, or even doing little bunny hops when he’s really excited (mostly dinner time). I try to get him to slow down a little, but he has quite the indomitable spirit!

He has quickly made my home his own and is very gentle, though he might bump into things since he’s not as agile as he used to be. He hasn’t disturbed anything he isn’t supposed to and I have yet to hear him bark at all. The few times we’ve run into others, he is very friendly with both humans and dogs. And I’m not making this up – I’m pretty sure one of his favorite things to do is watch the news on the couch. One time he went over and hopped up just in time to catch the closing bell of the New York Stock Exchange, though I strongly suspect his portfolio is mostly chicken jerky and Greenies. According to my doggie cam, this is how he passes the time when I have to go out and run errands. He doesn’t love being left alone, but we’re working on it and he’s making progress!

If you have room in your home and a lack of stairs, Dino really would make an amazing companion. He is completely unaware of any limitations and I can assure you that his optimism is contagious!

Get to know Rob Roy:

True, Roby Roy is a picture-book cute little blonde muppet, but did you know that he is also a rocking good time? He loves people, kids, dogs, and blanket rides across a nice smooth floor. He is the funniest, silliest, sweetest guy, and he has brought so much joy and laughter to everyone here at headquarters. He doesn’t know he’s at a rescue; he thinks this is just a great party. His fan club will miss him when he gets adopted by his forever folks, but boy will he make someone happy! Go, Rob Roy!

Get to know Nick:

Nick is a one-eyed mini coyote (just kidding, some kind of mutt, probably). This fella loves treats and other dogs but is still getting used to harnesses and the internet (he’ll remind you that in his day, if you wanted to know something you had to look it up in the encyclopedia). If you’re looking for a portable companion with a perma-wink, Nick is definitely your new best friend

  • gets along great with other dogs
  • loves people and snuggles
  • favorite activity is snuggling under a blanket

Here’s some notes from his foster:

Nick hasn’t had any accidents in the house. I been taking him every few hours and that seems to work well for him.

Nick has adjusted so well to his new routine!

He’s still a little cautious in new situations, but no where close to the shy/scared dog he was when I met him.


  • Cuddling up in piles of blankets
  • All treats
  • Hanging out with his foster brothers
  • Being around his person!!
  • Nick is getting better at-
  • Trusting people!
  • Being a dog and doing dog things (yay!)
  • Walking on leash with a harness
  • Being outside in general

He’s going to make the best addition to his forever family! I can’t wait until he finds them

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