Furry Fridays: Meet Shyanne From Humane Society Silicon Valley!

Get to know Shyanne:

  • At 1 year and 8 months, Shyanne is the perfect age—she’s old enough to have some basic manners while still being young enough to have that puppy exuberance!
  • Shyanne is a sweet and wiggly Husky mix! As a Husky, Shyanne is full of bouncy energy! She’d love an owner with a matching active lifestyle.
  • Shyanne is obsessed with her squeaky plush toys. She may not be a mom, but she treats her toys like they’re her babies! She’ll need a reminder now and then that her plushies aren’t actually puppies. Trading toys for treats works great!
  • Shyanne is a social gal who loves playing with other dogs. Playing chase is one of her favorites!
  • Her love of chase extends to cats, so she should go home to one without a resident cat. Sorry Shyanne!
  • Shyanne comes with a free post-adoption Training Scholarship. That way you’ll both start off on the right foot from the get-go! (A very fast, high-energy foot at that)

Get to know more about Shyanne here!

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