Meet The Pets From Marin Humane On This Week's Furry Fridays!

These pets are available to adopt at Marin Humane, along with a ton of other amazing pets who deserve a great forever home!

Get to know Paprika:

Paprika is an affectionate tortie girl who will jump in your lap for pets. She is always happy to see us and is always up for a visit. Paprika has been a gem here at the shelter--her behavior has been stellar--she enjoys lap time, brushing and petting. She is playful, purry, beautiful and can sometimes get a bit overstimulated so knowing how to read cat body language is a must. She also may prefer to be an indoor/outdoor cat. It is important that you are able to read cat body language well and can recognize signs of over stimulation with petting.

Paprika is older, but she is no wallflower! She still needs to use up her energy with playtime (and environmental enrichment) especially if she chooses not to go outside.

Paprika has a bit of an long adoption history...some good and some not so good. She has had 5 different homes in a span of nine years! As a young adult Paprika was found wandering the watershed in Fairfax and brought into Marin Humane. She was soon adopted. Her 1st home lasted for over four years until a dog joined the family. Paprika was afraid of the dog and the family privately rehomed her. Her 2nd home lasted only a few weeks. Paprika was not happy there as she could frequently see an outdoor cat in her yard and she was afraid to go outside. Once again Paprika was brought back to the shelter, but was soon adopted again. Her new home lasted a year before she was surrendered again after her 3rd guardian passed away. Paprika was soon adopted again but Paprika's 4th adoption lasted just a few weeks and she was brought back to Marin Humane again. We hope Paprika finally finds her last furrever home soon!

Please call the Feline Behavior Department 415.506.6284 for more information.


Get to know Archie & Lilibeth:

Archie and Lilibeth are a bonded pair, but not just any bonded pair--they are classy, tuxedo siblings! They have come a long way at their foster home and Archie has become quite the lovebug, evidenced by his lap naps, head bunting, and purr motor. Both siblings may be shy and a bit skittish at first, but with some time and patience, they will become the playful, affectionate, busy kids that they are in foster. It takes Lilibeth a little longer to become comfortable, but she has the cutest trills when she greets you and during playtime. She also likes to smell toes! Both siblings love to play and you may see Lilibeth tackling her brother in some lively playtime! Lily loves the spring toys while Archie loves the feather wand. These darling kitties will thrive in a calm and quiet home with an adult family that can help them feel safe in their new space. All it takes is some time, toys, treats, and gentle voices, and Archie and Lilibeth will become the little sweethearts they want to be!

Get to know Honey:

Learning about the world is where our Honey needs some help. She is young and those unique eyes will for sure catch everyone's attention. Honey is learning lots of new things now that she is in our care. Honey was never walked on leash before coming to Marin Humane and if we're honest, she thinks leashes are pretty dumb. With help from other dogs Honey is learning that the leash can mean fun things like walks or going to a park to play with another dog. Honey would love to live with a playful, confident dog that can help her learn the big wide world is pretty cool. We are guessing that Honey is a mix of Doberman, (this is from the previous owner) Husky and Border Collie - those last two are our guess based on looks and personality. In fact, the bossy Border Collie tendencies are really starting to show themselves. If you like Border Collies and don't mind helping a young dog learn about the world and you have another dog that would like a companion Honey might be a great fit for your home.

Get to know Abby:

Have you heard the term "lap cat"? Well Abby might be our first "lap bunny". Abby was in a foster home for several months because the shelter was too overwhelming for her. After a lot of patience by the foster mom we discovered that she is a lap bunny! Yup, she really enjoyed being on her foster mom's lap (and sometimes would sprawl out on her chest/shoulder) for petting and love. To be fair, this didn't happen overnight so her new family needs to be very, very patient. But if they are and let her settle in they are going to have a super nice, mellow bunny. Her foster mom said in just a few weeks Abby was less worried, more relaxed and stretched into the "flat bunny" pose often (the sign of a very relaxed bun). She would lay on her lap in the evening and stay there all night if she could! She enjoys chewing on a Bunny Blast bamboo toy. She is a very neat and tidy bun.

Fortunately Abby was found by someone on the streets of Novato before anything bad happened to her. She may have been dumped there or somehow got away. Keeping her indoors will make her calmer and definitely safer. (Small children would not be a good fit her. She needs a calm and quiet environment to thrive.)

Marin Humane rabbits are companion house rabbits. They live indoors only and cage free- living in a pen or free-roam in the home. This lets them live much longer, happier lives! Indoor rabbits can live 12+ years and require a lot of time and commitment. In return they offer years of love and companionship!

Tune into Marcus & Corey every Friday to meet more animals that could be your family's next pet.

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