Meet Pets From Muttville Senior Dog Rescue On Furry Fridays!

These pets are available to adopt, along with a ton of other amazing dogs at Muttville Senior Dog Rescue who deserve a great forever home!

Get to know Scribbles:

Introducing a very sweet and peppy mutt named Scribbles who definitely has that good hair! What’s so good about it you ask? Well, because he is a Schnauzer Terrier mix he looks as if he just stepped out of the shower and let his curls dry naturally. He is one groovy-looking stud muffin. Not only does Scribbles take pride in regards to his luxurious locks, but he also cares about getting the perfect amount of Vitamin D in his life. Scribbles enjoy sunning himself wherever and whenever he can. He doesn’t mind a nice long snooze on the patio or even a long walk around the neighborhood. He can walk with ease and can do stairs with a bit of guidance. If you need some motivation to get out of the house and start working on your bikini body, Scribbles is just the man for you!

Here are some notes from his foster-

Scribbles is one of the friendliest guys you’ll meet. His favorite thing is cuddling and he LOVES to be on my lap (or snuggled up right next to me). He likes to be pet and he’s good with being picked up and carried around. He also likes dog beds, so when I’m working during the day I can usually find him curled up in one of the many beds we have laying around the house. He has a sweet demeanor and gets along with everyone he meets (both people and other dogs!).

Although Scribbles loves to cuddle and nap, he also still has a bit of pep for an older gentleman. He goes on walks with my other dogs and keeps up with no problem. For me, he’s kind of the best of both worlds – he’s mellow and mostly naps when he’s in the house, but he still likes to go out on walks and is up for adventures. He’s also good in the car and is house-trained, which is a nice bonus!

Get to know Hugs:

Named after the warm fuzzy feeling you get after a hug from your favorite person, this sweet lady is giving major cozy vibes. Not only does she resemble a fox, but she also loves being snuggled up next to a friend or in a warm cozy bed, much like a fox in its den. Hugs is a calm and sweet-natured Pomeranian ready to enjoy this next chapter of her life cuddled up with a forever bestie. Hugs gets along very well with dogs and humans, but would probably prefer a home without very young children. She enjoys walks, treats, and of course, hugs! Hugs is sure to warm your heart when you meet her, come feel the love!

Here’s some notes from her foster:

Hugs aka ‘Foxy Lady’ is an energetic gal. If you are looking to get your daily steps in, she’s a great motivator. Loves long walks at a brisk pace, handles stairs easily, politely greets other dogs including an eager puppy.

She has a good appetite and takes her medicine without hesitation. She is a constant companion around the house.

Get to know Nate:

Anyone looking for a perfect shaped body pillow you must adopt Nate! He has the perfect amount of chunk to keep you in an upright position, and just enough roundness to wrap your arms around. Whatever you’re into, Nate will be there to always support you and keep you company. Even though he likes to lounge it up and his body resembles a Russet potato, he is still a pretty active Mini-Pin who has no issues getting around. Maybe on ya’lls next dinner and a movie night, encourage him to pass on the egg rolls!

-Nate enjoys walks and time outside

-Nate also loves to be home with his humans and snuggles

-Nate is food motivated which makes training so easy

Here’s some notes from his foster:

Nate is an endearing guy and lovely doggie companion with adorable "bat ears. He wants to be where you are. Nate will follow you from room to room. So, he would love to find a home where he can spend a lot of time with his human. At night he loves to snuggle close, sharing his doggie warmth. He will sleep through the night though I do let him out early in the morning to go pee. After he gets to know you he will seek out your lap and share his affection via some sweet licks to your face.

Nate also enjoys car rides and exploring new places. He manages a fairly brisk pace (when he feels like it). Nate does need some help getting on the bed or couch. He manages via a simple doggie staircase at my house. So, some stairs are okay but not a lot. He is game! Nate has already lost a couple of pounds (it shows!) and when he’s lost a bit more weight it will be easier for him to climb and be comfortable in general.

Speaking of weight, he is really interested in food :-) However, I give him food at meal time with no snacks (sorry, little guy, otherwise he’d be begging too much). Nate is house trained as long as he has opportunities to go outside regularly. He’s not keen on the rain really but will do his business outside with encouragement. Good boy! Not sure how well Nate hears anymore. He will definitely notice loud noises though.

Nate enjoys meeting new people. He’s not so keen on all other canines. He’s fine with a gentle sniff from another calm dog but he doesn’t like it if a dog is too rambunctious. He’s saving all the doggy love for his humans. Nate loves to have his back and butt scratched and if you happen to hit an achy part he will gently let you know. When I do pick Nate up (to put in the car) I do so carefully with full support and that works great. Nate does bark once in while (when he wants food mainly) but if you tell him to shhhh and ignore him he stops.

Nate’s current place to perch when I’m gone is the back of the couch looking out the window. When I come in the door he does a little happy dance. Who wouldn’t want to come home to such enthusiasm from a doggy pal?

Get to know Foxy:

We call her foxy because that’s just what she is… She is one smokin hot, crazy sweet, foxy lady! Did we mention that she is also super smart? Foxy already knows the sit and stay command, and she is very well-behaved. She gets along with all dogs big or small and she loves humans just as much. Since Foxy is a senior Rottweiler who is rather large and in charge, we believe it’s time to give her paws a break from stairs and live out the rest of her life being pampered on level ground. If anyone is in need of a giant hug from the most perfect lady, you must jump in your car right now and come meet Foxy with open arms!

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