Meet Pets From Humane Society Silicon Valley On Furry Fridays!

These pets are available to adopt, along with a ton of other amazing dogs at Humane Society Silicon Valley who deserve a great forever home!

Get to know Archie:

Archie is a male, 2 year old, 50lb medium crossbreed. He is having a blast in his foster home and doing amazing! His foster-mom is surprised he's not adopted yet. Archie is a lovebug who has befriended three other dogs in his foster home house in a jiffy. What a popular guy! He’s also great with kids! Archie’s current BFF is his foster-mom’s seven-year-old boy…who gets plenty of puppy kisses. Archie is smart, soft, loving, and full of pep! He even has an infamous "pet me please!" whine to let you know when he’s ready for more love. 

Meet Archie today at

Get to know Moose:

Moose is a male, 11-month-old, 75lb German Shepherd mix. He’s a happy and energetic dog who likes to jump when excited. Get his paws back on the ground by taking him running and hiking! Ready, set, go! Moose is ready for anything and everything! As a young adult, he’s eager to learn about the world and explore. C’mon, let’s play! Moose is a social guy who loves hanging out and playing with other dogs.

Meet Moose today at

Get to know Trevor:

Trevor is a male, 2 year old, 9.5lb domestic shorthair mix. Trevor is a chill guy who isn’t afraid to ask for love an attention. Luckily, Trevor is SO handsome you won’t be able to resist giving him the finest treats, the fanciest toys, and the comfiest spot on the couch This little guy is a king who deserves royal treatment (and he knows it!). He’s waiting patiently for your love and devotion!

Learn more about this charming man at!

Get to know Shirley:

Shirley is a female, 3 year old, 38 lb medium crossbreed mix. She just spent her birthday at the shelter. However, she’s still waiting for her birthday gift: a forever home! She can be shy with strangers, but once she gets to know a person she is silly, wiggly, and playful! As a former momma dog, Shirley can be cautious with new dogs. Give her time to warm up! Shirley would love to come home to a family with an existing pup who can teach her how to be brave.

Learn more about Shirley at!

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