Meet Pets From Hopalong Animal Rescue For Todays Furry Fridays!

These pets along with a ton of other amazing pets at Hopalong Animal Rescue who deserve a great forever home!

Meet Star & Flash:

Star and Flash are bonded siblings that really love each other. They are always together and make a lovely pair. They are sweet and quiet and enjoy petting and nuzzling with their humans. These siblings would probably do best in a quiter home with older kids and no dogs. They met one by accident and were not amused! Do you have room in your home and heart for this beautiful tabby duo?

Meet Licorice:

(I'm being fostered in the East Bay)

Licorice is a very shy kitty that will need a patient, cat savvy new home that isn't looking for a readily affectionate kitty. He will sit still for petting when you insist on it and should eventually relax and open up more. While he's been in an amazing foster home, this is how he progressed after a lot of extra time to get comfortable:

(from his prior foster home)

Mister Licorice is a curious, silly little panther! While very playful with his kitty siblings, Licorice is learning how to make human friends as well! He lives the ruff and tumble life of a kitten, playing with everything and anything, wrestling with his brother, and investigating all the new things in the world. Licorice has come a long way when it comes to learning to trust people, but still is a work in progress. He doesn't quite like being picked up or pet yet, so Licorice would do best in a patient, quiet home that is willing to continue working to build his trust and blossom into the best kitten he can be! Chicken meat tube treats are a sure fire way to get Licorice's attention, and a wand toy will bring him running too. He also is a huge fan of looking out the window and has become and expert bug catcher, so flies beware! Licorice is a sweet boy with a shy side, but give him the love and patience he needs and you'll surely have a friend for life!

Licorice related questions? Please email Hopalong at:

Meet April:

(Fostered at Happy Hound Oakland)

My name is April and I'm a very sweet girl! I'm a bit shy but listen very well! I'm super sensitive and love to lay on your lap! I love dogs, love walks, overall can be a couch potato! I do have spurts of energy and bounce around like a bunny! I'm currently being fostered at Happy Hound Doggie Day care and love it! The staff loves me and I get to play with dogs all day! But also get to go on walks and get extra cuddles! My bestie Hawke is also at Happy Hound and we love each other! He's also looking for a home!

Meet Hawke:

(Fostered at Happy Hound - Oakland)

I'm Hawke! The cutest Husky boy ever! I'm currently at Happy Hound Doggie Day care having a blast! I love playing with dogs, giving people kisses and going on hikes!!! I'm looking for a super fun home that can take me on fun adventures and give me all the love!! My best friend at Happy Hound is April and she's also available for adoption! Check her out too!!!

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