Meet Pets From Muttville Senior Dog Rescue On Furry Fridays!

These pets are available to adopt, along with a ton of other amazing dogs at Muttville Senior Dog Rescue who deserve a great forever home!

Get to know Nate:

Anyone looking for a perfect shaped body pillow you must adopt Nate! He has the perfect amount of chunk to keep you in an upright position, and just enough roundness to wrap your arms around. Whatever you’re into, Nate will be there to always support you and keep you company. Even though he likes to lounge it up and his body resembles a Russet potato, he is still a pretty active Mini-Pin who has no issues getting around. Maybe on ya’lls next dinner and a movie night, encourage him to pass on the egg rolls!

-Nate enjoys walks and time outside

-Nate also loves to be home with his humans and snuggles

-Nate is food motivated which makes training so easy

Here’s some notes from his foster:

Nate is an endearing guy and lovely doggie companion with adorable "bat ears. He wants to be where you are. Nate will follow you from room to room. So, he would love to find a home where he can spend a lot of time with his human. At night he loves to snuggle close, sharing his doggie warmth. He will sleep through the night though I do let him out early in the morning to go pee. After he gets to know you he will seek out your lap and share his affection via some sweet licks to your face.

Nate also enjoys car rides and exploring new places. He manages a fairly brisk pace (when he feels like it). Nate does need some help getting on the bed or couch. He manages via a simple doggie staircase at my house. So, some stairs are okay but not a lot. He is game! Nate has already lost a couple of pounds (it shows!) and when he’s lost a bit more weight it will be easier for him to climb and be comfortable in general.

Speaking of weight, he is really interested in food :-) However, I give him food at meal time with no snacks (sorry, little guy, otherwise he’d be begging too much). Nate is house trained as long as he has opportunities to go outside regularly. He’s not keen on the rain really but will do his business outside with encouragement. Good boy! Not sure how well Nate hears anymore. He will definitely notice loud noises though.

Nate enjoys meeting new people. He’s not so keen on all other canines. He’s fine with a gentle sniff from another calm dog but he doesn’t like it if a dog is too rambunctious. He’s saving all the doggy love for his humans. Nate loves to have his back and butt scratched and if you happen to hit an achy part he will gently let you know. When I do pick Nate up (to put in the car) I do so carefully with full support and that works great. Nate does bark once in while (when he wants food mainly) but if you tell him to shhhh and ignore him he stops.

Nate’s current place to perch when I’m gone is the back of the couch looking out the window. When I come in the door he does a little happy dance. Who wouldn’t want to come home to such enthusiasm from a doggy pal?

Get to know Shiitake & Portobello:

Shiitake and Portobello are strongly bonded, so we want to adopt them out together.

Are you ready for some seriously mind-altering mushrooms? Are you ready to experience non-stop euphoria plus visions of little tongues and wagging tails? Meet Shiitake and Portobello, our bonded shroomies – and perhaps your new roomies! Shiitake is the fluffy Maltese mix. She is VERY sweet and gentle, and loves hiding under tiny spaces (truly impressive). Portobello is our chihuahua mix boy. He also gets an A+ for sweetness, and loooooooves to be held. Both are a little shy at first, but we think they will warm up quickly in a home with nice groovy vibes.

Here’s what their foster has to say:


Hi my name is Shiitake and I am "such a good girl!, well that is what my foster Mum tells me a lot!! I can be a little shy when I first meet people, but I REALLY want to be friends, as I love snuggles and playtime. My foster Mum and I play with toys, but I like to make her fetch them!!! Then I show her my zoomies, I skid about, and jump, and she thinks I am a real hoot, Portobello doesn’t agree!

I learnt some new tricks lately and gee does it make my foster Mum happy, she tell me how good I am and gives me a treat! I go to the door and I hangout so she knows I need a bathroom break, now please. Also whilst we are walking I listen really carefully to her instructions and I rarely tangle her and Portobello up anymore, this makes them both happy (more treats for me!). I am starting to explore the small humans in the house, I give them a thorough sniff and an occasional lick, they also feed me, so I guess I like them!

So as you can see I am pretty fun, enjoy self-improvement, and give lots of love, especially to my bestie, Portobello. So if you would like double the love, for just a little patience with my shyness, Portobello and I are your duo!!


Hello, Portobello here!

My foster Mum says I am the sweetest guy around and everyone needs some Portobello time. She says I am good for the soul and deeply relaxing to be around. I am a pretty easy going old guy, and I am easy to please. I love nothing more than a super plush bed to sink into, with a lovely soft blanket to bury myself in, and then I like to snooze the day away. I will also make a bed out of anything, apparently it is my talent. Shopping bags, sock draws, boxes, car seat, washing, my foster Mum says "if it fits, it sits, well sleeps in my case!

I do very much enjoy a good snuggle, I warn you in advance! My foster Mum thankfully can not resist me, especially when I delicately paw her, so she is often found doing everything one handed whilst cradling me and kissing my head, which I love. The children are also very good at showering me with affection which is much appreciated.

I enjoy a slow short walk, unlike Shiitake! So I do need to be carried sometimes, but look how cute I am!! And I will stare lovingly at you as we walk! I get a little anxious being left alone but my foster Mum says I am getting braver each day. She also says I am still prefect!!

Get to know Ziti:

T minus 5 minutes until your heart melts over this out-of-this-world pupper. Ziti is full of love, very active, and extremely friendly, and has yet to get the memo that she’s a senior so please don’t tell her. Ziti’s hobbies include snuggles, walkies, and trying to swallow street treats before you can wrestle them out of her mouth.

Here’s some notes from her foster:

Ziti is such a sweetie :)

She prefers to have the company of her humans around her. She is SO quiet with me ( and I am with her almost all the time but for some errands and fitness classes I have been gone 3-4 times for like 2 hours max .. )

Ziti seems to have a good appetite! She is a great leash walker – would gladly go 3 miles on flat ground. On uphill ( non stairs/ step) terrain would keep it under 1/2 mile max. She is very house trained – has only gone outside . :)

She is very spritely!! She wants to follow you and be close to you and it is so cute!She has a back leg that will get wobbly – I have all laminate floors that can get a little slippery for her and she loves carpet and solid asphalt/ cement/ grass/ soil!She can do stairs ( I have about 6 steps in house) but you can tell she prefers not to. She can hop in the car easily also and you can tell she prefers if you can pick her little body up and set her down gently !).

She can fall asleep in five seconds when lounging and has lots of doggie dreams! Absolutely loves walking and getting outside! Loves being your little shadow and knowing where you are in the house – it is cute. Loves lounging and taking doggie naps next/ near you! She gets a little frightened when you approach her from behind too fast.

I haven’t had her off leash but on leash she is receptive to other dogs and you can tell if she starts getting uncomfortable with other dog in about a minute or 2 and can kindly say goodbye and steer her away with no troubles!

Get to know Champagne:

More Champagne Please?

This bright and sophisticated German Shepherd is an exclusive blend! She may seem shy at first but this young senior used to be a backup dancer for all the hottest hip hop artists. Not only is she a classy gal, she is very urban and edgy. Champagne will be able to tell you what cheese will pair best with your beverage and also who is going to be the next big star on the music scene. She is able to do stairs at a slow pace but they are hard on her knees after all the years she spent on stage. She will undoubtedly be the best companion you ever had. Just wait.. You’ll soon be hooked on Champagne and will never get enough of this gentle and kind little lady.

Here’s some notes from her foster:

Champagne is a very sweet-tempered girl and while at home, will follow you from room to room and then plop down wherever you are and snooze. She loves her walks. when at home, she seems much more her age, slower paced, however the second you grab that leash she is all energy and she’s only gotten more active as time has gone by. Luckily, she is not remotely phased by the rain given the weather we’ve been having

She was obviously well taken care of at some point in her life, because she is so well-behaved at home. She does not go to the bathroom in the house and thinks that pee pee pads are for resting on (or chewing). She also won’t get up on the sofa unless invited and then, even rarely.

She loves to eat and she is still a bit on the skinny side, so I tend to go over the feeding guidelines some (the vet encouraged it so I figure it’s fine).

She will get overly excited when she sees dogs on the street and I’m not sure if this is limited to certain settings, I took her to the groomer yesterday and when I came back, I found her hanging out with no less than 5 other dogs of different sizes and breeds. They were all off leash and they were all completely chill with each other.

She will sleep through the night unless you happen to get up for something. She prefers being with the company of her humans. A good licky mat and calming treats seem to help when left alone at home and when she is bored with that, she will just wait by the door until your return.

She is interested in all humans and doesn’t display any fear of anyone. If anything, she acts like she is welcome to get in anybody’s business and will walk run up to them. She’s is also very good in the car.

Tune into Marcus & Corey every Friday to meet more animals that could be your family's next pet!

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