Meet Pets From Hopalong Animal Rescue For Todays Furry Fridays!

These pets along with a ton of other amazing pets at Hopalong Animal Rescue who deserve a great forever home!

Meet Comet:

(I'm being fostered in the East Bay.)

Hi!!! I'm Comet! I'm a very sweet boy looking for a forever home! I'm a Pitbull mix and came to Hopalong with several of my siblings who are also in need of a home. I can be quite talkative and a typical needy puppy looking for fun and attention. I'm great with all animals, and still learning to be alone, but being that I'm young I shouldn't be left alone for too many hours. An active home would be ideal for me. I hope to find a home that can keep training me. In return, you will be rewarded with me as a loyal companion!

Meet Sir James:

(I'm being fostered in the East Bay.) Here's what my foster home has to say about me:

For a shepherd mix, he is perfection in all ways that make shepherd dogs who they are. He is smart and stubborn, but willing to please with the right kind of temptation. Food-motivated makes it easier to engage him in training even at this young age.

The flipside to his smarts is a need to be challenged and engaged. Still young, naps are important, but when awake, mouth play and knowing how sharp his teeth are, is something he hasn't learned, and continues to learn.

Crate training is going smoothly with treats for motivation, and learning to go to the bathroom outside is going well.

Fetch is fun, squeaky toys are enjoyable for exercising the jaw, and when shoes, socks and random clothing is found to be far more enjoyable, he learns that there is a toy close at hand that may be more fun.

Sir James has established his own boundaries for physical touch. I would recommend a household that has older children, and experience with the job of training an intelligent, physically demanding dog.

Meet Webby Van Der Quack:

(I'm being fostered in the East Bay)

Meet our adorable little Chihuahua looking for a loving forever home! This precious pup is a small bundle of joy, weighing in at just a few pounds. Despite her small size, she has a big personality and are sure to steal your heart with her charming and spunky demeanor.

Due to their petite size and sensitive nature, this Chihuahua would do best in a calm and quiet home without young children. She would thrive in a home with experienced pet owners who understand the unique needs and quirks of this breed. With plenty of love, patience, and attention, this little pup is sure to become a loyal and affectionate companion. We don't know Webby's history, except she came to a local shelter as a stray. She loves to be held, but when she feels threatened by unfamiliar people, she can be a little nippy at first. If you're looking for a furry friend to share your home and heart with, this Chihuahua could be the perfect match for you. She does seem to get along with the kitty in her foster home. Webby is about 5-6yrs old! Up to date on everything and spayed.

Meet Woodstock:

If you're looking for a chill, non-demanding young kitty, Woodstock might be for you! He's been polite and a little shy in his short time with us so far. We think he's just waiting for a loving home to welcome him with open arms and patience for Woodstock to get fully comfortable and share his personality. He seems easy going enough to get along with other friendly pets and older kids with some time to adjust. He's got great lap kitty potential for sure!

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