Meet Pets From Humane Society Silicon Valley On Furry Fridays!

These pets are available to adopt, along with a ton of other amazing dogs at Humane Society Silicon Valley who deserve a great forever home!

Get to know Lady:

  • 53lb, 1Yr old Australian Cattledog Mix Female
  • Lady is a staff favorite! Her adoption fee is sponsored by Amelia Lara, who recently adopted long-term dog Callie. Amelia and Callie would love for Lady to find a home as well!
  • Lady is happiest when she’s at the park, running around and playing fetch!
  • Lady is a bit shy with new people, but once she gets to know you, it’s wiggle-town! Let’s play!

If Lady were to describe her dream home, there would be a yard, a doggy friend, and a loving person or two who she can bond and spend time with!

  • Get to know Harvey:
    25lb, 4 month Large Cross Breed Male
  • Harvey may look like a distinguished old man, but he’s just a puppy!
  • Just like all puppies, Harvey is a playful guy who likes to chase his tail, play fetch, and go wild with zoomies!
  • He loves his stuffies and chew toys! Hope you have them because little Harvey is about the age where his new teeth are coming in. 
  • Harvey would love a home with lots of space to play and jump around in!

Get to know Kristie:

  • 10.5lb, 11Yr old Domestic Short Hair Mix Female
  • Kristie is a pretty girl who likes people, but likes to take things slow.
  • Her adorable fluffy belly is off-limits for now, but once she finds the perfect person, who knows!
  • In lieu of belly pets, Kristie loves a good lap to sit and relax in while you read a book.
  • If you’re looking for an independent, hands-free cat, Kristie is your girl!

Get to know Shirley:

  • 38lb, 3Yrs 3Mths 2Wks old Medium Cross Breed Female
  • Shirley used to be quite shy, but she’s made so much progress these past few months!
  • Shirley is a quick learner who’s motivated by food and yummy treats. She considers herself a “foodie” and will trade tricks for chese!
  • Shirley is great with meeting new friends and neighbors, but please save the touching for later!
  • Shirley’s confidence continues to grow every single day, but there’s one thing she’ll never like…cats!

Tune into Marcus & Corey every Friday to meet another cat or dog that could be your family's next pet.

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