Meet The Pets From Marin Humane On This Week's Furry Fridays!

These pets are available to adopt at Marin Humane, along with a ton of other amazing pets who deserve a great forever home!

Get to know Luna:

Hi there, fellow Aussie Cattle Dog fans! We're excited to introduce you to Luna, a super sweet doggo who's got all the personality traits of a Cattle Dog (even if we're not sure of her breed). Luna is absolutely crazy about humans and loves nothing more than snuggles (although a treat or two wouldn't hurt!). She's lived with other dogs before and had a blast playing with them during her stay at Marin Humane. According to her previous owner, Luna also has a soft spot for kids of all ages. If you're looking for a smart, active, and cuddly new family member, Luna is your girl!

Get to know Creedence:

They looked out their backdoor and discovered Creedence hanging out on their back porch! Creedence is a pretty cool and confident cat. He has a soft purr and enjoys attention and petting. He likes to give us little head bunts, have his ear and cheeks rubbed and explore his room. Creedence loves, loves, loves, Temptation Treats and Churu Treats and may be a great candidate for clicker training. He does not however enjoy the company of other cats--he is a one man show!


Get to know Charlotte:

Charlotte is a lovely little lady who has raised her kittens and is now looking for her forever home. Although she may be shy at first, once comfortable, she is sweet and friendly. Her foster says she is gentle and mellow, but likes to play. Charlotte is also a talkative purr machine and can be a bit independent. She likes to bird watch, hang out with her people, and lap sits on her own terms. She is looking for a calm and quiet home where she can be her affectionate self!

Get to know Bambi:

Beautiful Bambi was found roaming the streets of San Rafael. Fortunately she was found before she was injured or worse. Like her namesake she is very sweet, social and seeks out people for attention. In our Rabbit Romper Room she settled in quickly for petting and enjoyed having extra room to run around and stretch. She is curious but quick to stop if someone comes near by to pet her! We think she would be fine for any family. Of course, children should be supervised when interacting with her. Bunnies are fragile and do not like to be picked-up. Keeping Bambi as a house rabbit will ensure that she lives a long and safe life. House rabbits are easy to have and bring so much joy.

Marin Humane rabbits are companion house rabbits. They live indoors only and cage free- living in a pen or free-roam in the home. This lets them live much longer, happier lives! Indoor rabbits can live 12+ years and require a lot of time and commitment. In return they offer years of love and companionship!

Tune into Marcus & Corey every Friday to meet more animals that could be your family's next pet.

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