Meet Pets From Hopalong Animal Rescue For Todays Furry Fridays!

These pets along with a ton of other amazing pets at Hopalong Animal Rescue who deserve a great forever home!

Meet Murray:

(I'm being fostered in the East Bay)

Murray is a snuggly, affectionate little lapdog looking for a loving, gentle home to grow up in! He's an indoor kid and couch potato at heart, although he still has lots of wiggly adolescent energy. But most of the time, he just wants to lie quietly beside you. He loves toys but is still figuring out how to play with them, which makes for some very silly romps! He also likes puzzles. He's only 7 lbs but has long gangly legs that he isn't quite sure what to do with.

He would do very well in an apartment or condo. He never barks, and he's trained to use pee pads. He seems to know basic commands like "no" and "stay," and he's eager to please.

Murray needs a special person with the patience to help him work through his fears. He's the sweetest little pup, but he's nervous outdoors, in new situations, and with strangers. He's especially fearful on walks, although he's learning to have fun in the fenced backyard, where he feels safe.

Meet April:

(Fostered at Happy Hound Oakland)

April is a sweet, affectionate, and friendly female Pitbull who loves all dogs no matter what their sizes are. She is a social butterfly who loves to meet and greet new people and dogs. April is an outgoing and playful girl who has a lot of energy and loves to play fetch and run around with other dogs. She is also very loyal and loves to cuddle up with anyone for some quality time. April has a gentle and calm disposition that makes her the perfect companion for any family.April has a shiny and smooth tan/red that makes her even cuter!! She has big brown eyes that are always full of love and energy. Overall, April is an amazing dog who loves everyone and is loved by all who meet her. She is a true testament to the fact that pitbulls are sweet and loving dogs who deserve all the love and care in the world. April is currently being fostered by HAPPY HOUND DOGGIE DAYCARE in Oakland and everyone there loves her to pieces! She gets to hang out with staff all day and get all the TLC she needs. She's hoping her forever family will come swoop her up soon!!

Meet Cyrano:

(By appointment only via Hopalong, please start by filling out a Pets & People profile form found on the How to Adopt page)

Look at that tail! This charming fella is full of panache and just so dashing! If you look at his photos closely, he's also got extra toes that look like thumbs! He's a very special guy and would likely be best in a home with no other alpha cats, friendly dogs are probably okay with slow introductions. He loves to be petted and craves human attention mostly. Cyrano will be a great companion to a home that will make him the center of household!

Meet Khalisi:

(By appointment only via Hopalong, please start by filling out a Pets & People profile form found on the How to Adopt page)

Khalisi is a lovely, easy going young Momma kitty with lots of spunk and playfulness. She raised beautiful little kittens and now she's ready for her turn to find a forever home that will cherish her. She will likely take time to adjust to any resident pets and would be best in a mellower home.

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