Meet Pets From Humane Society Silicon Valley On Furry Fridays!

These pets are available to adopt, along with a ton of other amazing dogs at Humane Society Silicon Valley who deserve a great forever home!

Get to know Bunny Ray Cyrus:

Looking for a adorable bunny to hop in to your life?

Meet Bunny Ray Cyrus a orange haired bun looking for her forever home with you. Bunny Ray enjoy's long cozzy naps in cardboard boxes and dark leafy greens for snack time. She is also a quiet bunny who will enjoy relaxing in any ones home and be treated like the country music Princess that she is. If you would like to meet Bunny Ray Cyrus please come on down to our shelter or use the link below.

Get to know Stella:

Hi, my name is Stella! You can always find me relaxing in my cat tree. When I'm feeling energetic, I'm all about chasing wand toys. I love getting pets, but I can get overwhelmed if I'm not given breaks or if my paws and belly are touched. I get it, my polydactyl paws are so enticing. Just switch to play and I'll be good. If you're looking for a new sweet kitty friend, I'm your girl!

Get to know Kayaan:

I'm a canine grad class of 2023! My adoption fee is $20!

Hi, I'm Kayaan!

Personality: Kayaan is a big boy with even bigger heart. He is a volunteer favorite and we can't wait for him to find a forever home. Kayaan enjoys going on walks, running around in a secure yard. He is very affectionate boy and loves attention and treats.

History: Kayaan was surrendered to us by his previous owners who had him for about a year. He lived in a home with kids and was very sweet and gentle with them.

Dog skills: Kayaan likes other dogs and will walk nicely with a friendly canine that he knows. He would do great as an only dog since his size can be overwhelming to most other dogs.

Leash Skills: Kayaan walks well on a leash but will pull when he sees another dog. It is important that person walking him is comfortable handling a big boy like Kayaan.

These are observations from his foster family:

Kayaan has been great meeting new people when we introduce him to them carefully or have them feed him kibble for tricks. He's met young children who were held by their parent and was gentle to go up to and sniff them. He did not live with any other animals.

We always enjoyed our quick training sessions through playing ball and having him run around the yard. He's a very intelligent dog and is fast! Sometimes gets too excited and can't wait for treats to come out of your hand or pouch, or skips steps for commands, assuming he knows what trick you'll have him do next.

Kayaan loves belly rubs so much that he would love to receive them 24/7 if he could! He enjoys spending his time lounging in the grass outside and sprawling on couches indoors, making him the perfect companion for someone who loves both outdoor and indoor activities. This sweet boy is sure to steal your heart with his affectionate nature and love for attention.

Get to know Joy:

Hi there. My name is Joy. I am a sweet little thing looking for that perfect home. Despite being significantly vision and hearing impaired, I enjoy life and everything it has to offer. My favorite activities include eating, sleeping, exploring the yard, eating, snuggling with my humans, giving kisses and did I mention eating!? As a dog with disabilities, I would love nothing more than a low-key home that can provide me with love and care that I need. I get along well with other animals but would do perfectly fine as an only dog (more treats for me *wink wink*). I may be special needs but I promise I can be low maintenance, I don't take up a lot of space (I only weigh 7lbs), I am quiet and will sleep for a large portion of my day and I can be carried in a little sling pouch or a doggy stroller.

If you have more questions, my foster parent is very willing to provide you will any additional info, just contact our Adoptions department and inquire about me.

Tune into Marcus & Corey every Friday to meet another cat or dog that could be your family's next pet.

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