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Dude Gets Nailed in the Throat by a Pigeon while on a Roller Coaster

Crazy stuff happens on roller coasters. Maybe you've lost your hat or sunglasses, but have you ever been struck by a pigeon?

This guy has, and it's all on tape. He and his friend are having the time of their life on this ride, right up until he gets hit in the throat by a pigeon. The poor pigeon actually dies on impact. Though, it does take him a few seconds to realize what actually happened and that the bird is still on him. It's a little strange that he continues on with the ride like nothing really happened, forgetting about the bird incident. 

Some of the comments on the video say that after watching it in slo-mo, the bird actually flew into the rollercoaster cart and bounced onto the man. Whatever the matter, let's hope both the bird and the guy are okay. 

Poor pigeon... Poor guy... But it makes for one unbelievable video.

Watch the entire clip below!

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