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Baylor Coach Races A Robot Tackling Dummy and Hilariously Fails

Baylor University has a robot tackling dummy that they use during practices and Athletic Director of Football Operations Sean Padden decided to challenge the bot.

Lets just say, the results were mixed.

Sean decided to take on the bot to an old-fashion foot race.

In a video posted on Twitter, Sean and the machine took their places at the starting line and dashed to the endzone inside a practice facility while his team cheered him on.

Although Sean emerged victorious, it was very short lived.

Before he could even celebrate his win, the dummy charged into him full force, knocking him flat on the ground as his whole team started laughing.

I guess you can say the robot got the last laugh.

Of course, we have to check out the official film angle and it's just as hilarious!

Sean Padden even shared a few words as a warning for the rest of us that want to go against a machine.

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